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Some of our latest resources on Japan include:

600 Basic Japanese Verbs

Reviewer: Emmanuel P. Hernandez Title of Book: 600 Basic Japanese Verbs Year of Publication: 2013 Read more

Yoshimi Hyakuana

Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi (吉見百穴 Yoshimi Hyakketsu) are ancient burial sites carved into the Read more

Japan Travel

Travels in Japan Japan Fact SheetRegions of Japan: HokkaidoTohokuKantoChubuKansaiChugokuShikokuKyushuOkinawaPrefectures: AichiFukushimaIbarakiKyotoNaganoTochigiTokyoSpecial guides: Aizu-WakamatsuMatsumotoMitoNagoyaShinkansenGuest housesRental phones


Yoshimi Hyakuana

Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

The Hundred Caves of Yoshimi (吉見百穴 Yoshimi Hyakketsu) are ancient burial sites carved into the Read more

Japanese 日本語

Travels in Japan Check out our language section, the latest articles include:

Country names in Kanji

This is an overview over selected country names as spelled in kanji (ateji). Country names Read more

Japanese Slang

Below find an alphabetical list of the most common Japanese slang expressions and patois. Most Read more

Japanese Verb Conjugations

Below find an overview over all the Japanese verb conjugations, including all irregular verbs. For Read more

Japan History

Japanese History Some of the latest resources on Japanese history include:


Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

Ashikaga Clan

The Ashikaga (足利) were a warrior family of the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries and Read more

Sakuma Shozan

Sakuma Shozan

Also called Sakuma Zōzan, Shōzan (佐久間象山, 1811-1864) was a progressive samurai intellectual of the Bakumatsu Read more

Josiah Conder

British architect, urban planner, and teacher Conder (1852-1920) was the leading foreign designer of public Read more

Culture & Society

Japanese Culture and Society The latest articles on Japanese culture and society include:


Autumn leaves

Momijigari – Autumn leaves

Momijigari (紅葉狩) is the traditional Japanese pastime of viewing autumn foliage. Momijigari means literally “maple Read more


Teru teru bozu

Teru teru bōzu (照る照る坊主) are traditional Japanese dolls made of tissue paper or cloth hung Read more


Tanabata (七夕) is one of Japan’s five traditional festivals (五節句 gosekku) and is usually celebrated Read more


Japanese Culture and Society Resources and articles on living in Japan:


Shugibukuro (祝儀袋)

Tipping in Japan

Most travel guides on Japan state that it is not customary to give tips. As Read more

Japanese beverages

Japanese Drinks

Drinking plays a major role in Japanese culture, and the Japanese drink a lot: not Read more

Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine, celebrated for its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, has become on of the Read more