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Thread: Seeking information about artist H. Kanaya

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    Question Seeking information about artist H. Kanaya

    Tokyo International Party

    I have a tile painting by H. Kanaya. Where can I find information about this artist and this artist's work?

    On the back of the 3-tiled painting are some notes about the artist:

    "H. Kanaya, a young artist of Kyoto who finds greater inspiration in the masters of the Edo period than in the works of Wester painters. His traditional Oriental techniques are finding an increasing following among the sophisticated art lovers."
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    Re: Artist H. Kanaya

    I also have a painting by Kanaya on three ceramic tiles with the same type of label glued on the wooden back. My painting has two brown and grey-blue birds sitting on a think branch surrounded by plum colored blossoms. I noticed that you posted your query two years ago. Did you receive any useful information? I don't know anything else about the artist, I found your query when I did a Web search for the artist.
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    I did receive one private message from someone else with a tile Kanaya painting, but that person didn't know anything about the artist either.
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    I was given a set of two, three framed tiles by H.Kanaya.They are of mallard ducks landing upon a pond. My uncle was in Japan and purchased them sometime in the late fifties. Mine also have the wooden backs with the short biography. Where do we go for more information or to find more of Kanaya's work?
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    I still have not been able to track down any information about this artist. Either this person is still an unknown and the paintings are worthless, or they're very rare and are priceless! Either way, I like mine!
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    Did you try Google or other search engines?

    Armand's Rancho del Cielo
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    h. kanaya

    I also have 2 tile paintings by same person. Have contacted university in area and will hopefully hear from them soon.
    Will post info t get. Scotty
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    SORRY! I THINK WHAT I WILL DO IS PUT A PRICE ON IT MYSELF (between $3,000.00 and $10.000.00) see if i can create a market for these particular tile painting. ANYBODY GOT ANOTHER SUGGESTION ???
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    Perhaps this is the artist?
    Did it occur to anyone in the past six years to try to find out the artist's full name?
    Who is going to pay 10 grand for a painting with no pedigree? Good luck with that
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