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Thread: What does 'Osewa' mean in Japanese?

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    What does 'Osewa' mean in Japanese?

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    I'm a Nigerian whose surname is 'Osewa', which also appears to have a Japanese meaning. What does 'osewa' mean in Japanese?

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    n. (Hira=せわ) looking after, aid, assistance, help, taking care, treatment
    literally it means, world and speak, I try to make sense of it. but I just couldn't...

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    "o-sewa" has many possible translations. For example, the expression "osewa ni narimashita" means "thanks for all you have done for me" or "thanks for the trouble". But "ookiina sewa da" means "that's none of your business". In genera' (o)sewa means to take care of sth/so.

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