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Thread: Namie Amuro & SAM divorced?

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    Namie Amuro & SAM divorced?

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    I just read this statement at the J!-Ent pages, that Namie Amuro and SAM from TRF have divorced after a little over four years of married life. Has anyone else confirmed this? They listed Sanspo as a reference, and said that they had been divorced now for 18 days...

    If this is true, that's a real shame, especially with the child involved...

    Thanks for any assistance.
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    Yep official, all over the news today.

    married in 97, Sams father dies just after, after which Namie's mother, Namie comes back ... Sam teaches dance ....

    Apparently, it's more of love-divorce. They are going to live in the same building, their child will go to Sam (most of the time). Sam will continue Namie's dance choregraphy and such. So, everything will be similar but not their marriage vows.

    hehe ... until Namie finds a new boy friend.
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    The reason for the divorce that has been given in the Japanese media is that work kept the two of them apart too much. But in the same reports it is mentioned they will continue working together... I am missing something here? -- Photos and News on Japan
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    According to the articles I have found online, they still love each other, but the true reason for their divorce are Namie's parents-in-law. Sam's father owns a hospital, his two brothers are doctors as well. They wanted their grandchild to become doctor. This conflict between Namie and Sam's parents about the child's education finally led to the divorce, they say. But who knows the truth?

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    Amuro back to earth

    Divorce brings starlet Amuro back to earth

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