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Thread: Bank transfer from Japan to UK

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    Bank transfer from Japan to UK

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    It seems that it is difficult for a Japanese national to transfer money from Japan to a UK bank account. Does anyone know where I might find out the rules and regulations on this. Thanks
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    I don't know about UK bank transfers, but I can tell you most bank transfers cost 5000 yen per transfer, regardless of the amount sent.

    Use Lloyds or the Post Office for cheaper (2000-2500 yen) transfers.
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    As far as the rules/regulations are concerned, it should not be a problem to make a remittance from a Japanese bank to a UK bank.
    However, the charges can be quite expensive. The carges vary depending on the bank (and sometimes the amount to be transferred as well).

    If you have someone who is Japanese and do not know how to do it, the following pages might be helpful.
    (All in Japanese language, they explain about how to make a remittance and charges)
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    Thanks for that. It seems that the provincial bank in Japan is just making life difficult. Maybe they are not too sure on how to handle it.
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    I,m managing the site of

    If you or your friend can't understand Japanese well,
    I think Elldridge Lynch is the easyest way for you.(Chose English!)
    You have to remit your money to Elldridge Lynch from a Japanese bank counter, but you can remit your money to U.K. from your p.c. in English after then, and foreign money exchange fees are cheaper than other banks.
    the custamer representatives of Elldridge Lynch can understand English well.

    If you or your friend can understand japanese well, you can chose the way from Citibank Japan (e-saving account).
    The spread between Middle rate and T.T.S of British pond and yen is smaller than other banks.
    (Citibank 1.0yen, Lloyds 2.5yen others 4.0yen for middle rate of about 150yen)

    Over about 2,000,000yen, you can chose other ways.
    One way is Gaika-Ukewatashi, but I think difficult even for ordinary Japanese.

    Be carefull for the name and swift code of the bank in U.K.

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    Citibank or Shinsei. They are the best when dealing w/ foreign currencies. Cheapest, too.
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    There are no reguards of invisible fee for changing yen to GBP.
    If you want withdraw from ATM in U.K., e-bank japan and Suruga bank VISA debit are cheapest!

    Citibank japan - about 4.5%(Citi USD TTS*1.03 and about 1%:first and to GBP)
    Shinsei - 4%(Master card GBP TTM*1.04)

    VISA Debit of e-bank(Japan) and Suruga Bank - VISA GBP TTM*1.0163

    Withdrawing by Japanese credit cards are same% with e-bank japan and Suruga Bank,
    but need intrest of 18% per year untill next settlement.

    (Citi USD TTS*1.03 and about 1%:first and to GBP)
    (Citi USD TTS*1.03 and about 1%:first to USD and next to GBP)

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