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Thread: How long does mail from the U.S. take to arrive in Japan

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    How long does mail from the U.S. take to arrive in Japan

    Tokyo International Party

    I sent a friend a package almost 5 weeks ago and they still have not recieved it.It was supporse to take about 2 weeks I was told at the post office,lol.Luckely I insured the package.
    My friend sent me a package from Japan and it took less than two weeks.
    Has anyone else had problems with mail getting lost,being sent from the U.S.
    Thanks everyone
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    Where in US are you sending from? For me (from Hawaii, which is about as close as you can get to Japan with the US Postal Service) using regular USPS for mail and packages took less than a week. About 5 business days or so. Though these are to larger cities like Tokyo, Kanagawa and Nagoya. Not sure about smaller cities.


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    normally there is more then one way to send an item with the time or arrival starting at 6 days to like 3 months. the price difference is like 10$ for it to get there sooner. it sounds like you didnt get the faster shipping so i am assuming you dont have a tracking number. all you can do it wait the full three months unfortunately.
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    Yeah, if you want something sent there quickly, you need to send it Express, where you can track it.

    We live on the east coast and we have sent packages that got there in three days.

    Like duff josh said, you will probably have to wait several more weeks for it to get there.

    Oh, and no, I've never, ever had any problems with any damages. I have sent jars of my preserves over there, and crystal pieces, that have gotten there without a problem.
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    It can also depend on what was in the package, what was written on the declarations form, and how much interest Japan Customs took in it.
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    If I recall correctly, it didn't take too long for me to send something to Japan (less than two weeks) but it took FOREVER to receive a package from Japan (over a month) because America is very cautious about inspecting packages after 9/11.
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    I am going a little more along the lines of what duff-O-Josh said. Packages in the US can ship two ways one way (the more expensive of the two) will take 7-14 days (I usually ship this way because that's how long it takes.

    The second options takes about 5-8 weeks and, thought cheaper, in my opinion, is not worth the money you save.

    When sending a package ask for the fastest and ask how much it will cost and move up from there.

    Regular letters usually arrive in a week

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