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View Poll Results: Which do you perfer? Chinese Food or Japanese Food?

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  • Chinese!

    52 20.23%
  • Japanese!

    75 29.18%
  • Both!

    127 49.42%
  • I hate both... -.-

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Thread: Chinese Food vs. Japanese Food

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    Interesting thread and impossible to reply sensibly to it
    The only 'authentic' Japanese food I have ever tasted was in a Japanese restaurant in London (England) and one in Amsterdam. Authentic? Who knows. But I loved both.
    Chinese food is more widespread. But how 'authentic' is what we get? Is it 'westernised'? I still love most of it
    But then I love Indonesian food, and English food, and Irish food, and French food, and Italian food, and German food etc etc etc......

    Guess I just love my food
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    the best chinese food ive ever had was in australia, and they served it asian style as well (with the food in the middle of the table on a lazy susan, and a bowl in front of you which you filled with rice, and everyone just picked off whatever they wanted from the middle) which was really cool. the only thing that was kinda bad was at the restraunts without chopsticks already on the tables, the waitess/waiter would always bring me a fork while everyone else got chopsticks, i guess they think white boys cant use them. i had eaten so much vietnamese and chinese food over there that by the time i got back to the states i nearly had to learn how to use a fork again.
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    But then I love Indonesian food, and English food, and Irish food, and French food, and Italian food, and German food etc etc etc......
    You and me both, Sam!
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    Japanese food. By a longshot. I know that the Chinese have good food too, but you can't go to any good Chinese places these days, no offense, but most of the places are dirty. Japanese places are usually tended to a lot better.

    Plus, I'd prefer Sushi to Orange Chicken anytime. I'm a seafood person. :X
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    Originally posted by Hanada Tattsu
    [B]no offense, but most of the places are dirty. Japanese places are usually tended to a lot better.
    I'll have to agree with you on that. The few restaurants I go to around here are clean, I believe, but Chinese places are usually the restaurants you see on the news getting "C" sanitation grades or whatever, and usually, it's because they're not keeping meat cool enough.

    Also, as far as grocery stores are concerned, there is no comparison between Japanese and Chinese. I don't know what it is, but the Chinese or Korean stores around here are not very clean, things aren't organized, lots of times stuff is out of date, and they stink horribly. The Japanese store is always spotless and organized and has no smell whatsoever! unpleasant smell, anyway...
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    Can't argue with that
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    it really depends on the Chinese restaurant you go to,
    most of them are not very cleaned,
    if you want really cleaned ones you probably have to go to the more 'high class' Chinese restaurants.
    Japanese people and places are usually very clean,Japanese people loves to be clean.

    yes,Chinese groceries stores stinks,I knew that since when I was little because my family had a small supermaket and a groceries store.
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    Lucky me! Here in Germany there are very strict controls, maybe that's the reason that most Chinese restaurants here are rather clean (though I heard that problems with small diners exist in a number of places).

    Most restaurants offer food adapted to the German taste, but there are a few with authentic regional Chinese cuisine.
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    I eat chinese food every day, haha. Oh well, but i'd probably like japenese a little bit more, (it might be that i'm too used to chinese food)
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    I think the reason most Chinese restaurants are so dirty is because they're cheap-o restaurants. Whereas there's no such thing as a cheap-o Japanese restaurant here in the US. But in Japan, those baiten can definitely get sketchy.

    Actually, now that I think about it, here in NYC there *are* cheap-o Japanese places like "Teriyaki Boy" and noodle shops. They aren't that much cleaner than your average chinese take-out, but there also not nearly as common.

    As far as my taste goes, I like good chinese food (i.e., not cheap take-out), but I'll admit my preferences lean towards the clean aesthetic of japanese cuisine. I've always had this idea that Japanese cuisine is to Chinese cuisine as Italian cuisine is to French cuisine. How many people think I'm way off with that?
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    I am actually native Chinese, but I much prefer Japanese food
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    hmmm, I've never tasted sushi before. i have tried that instant noodles stuff though. chinese food is my fav though. panda express for everyone! *throws panda express food everywhere*
    Ramen Lover
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    I love both! ^_^ and spanish food! But usually my mom will make chinese food or spanish food depends on her mood. But I get a say in it because I'm cooking dinners for my family now. I'd love to try more Japanese food though. ;)
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    Luv both! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Western......all!
    Sometimes, prefer Japanese, partly becos Japanese food still taste as good even when they are cooled.

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    i love chinese,japanese, and thai. in florida, they have chinese buffets with over 80 items including dessert and sushi.
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    ooh good to hear that about florida, im going there to visit my grandparents over the christmas and new years holiday!
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    i hope the weather is because now it is nice and cool. it is will special way to celebrate the holiday down here.
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    I like both Chinese and Japanese food. They both have their specialities and unique types of dishes that make it nice to eat.
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    I have been in china so i think i prefer chinese food
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    Originally posted by samuraitora
    How sad is this that Japanese food has recieved no votes
    I love Japanese food. I love sushi and one of my favorite foods is anything teriyaki.
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    Lately I have been eating a strict traditional Japanese diet - lots of rice, seafood, pickles, veges, noodles etc- no oil, meat, sugar or dairy.
    I found it difficult in the beginning, but now I adore it!
    I love how Japanese food is plain and fresh so we can enjoy the natural flavour. It's so elegant. Even when we go back to NZ, we will never go back to eating Western style food, I think it's just too unhealthy.

    Lately I ate a Chinese dish though - shark fins soup with gold! It was interesting, but .... I didn't like it much.
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    Originally Posted by chinkasu
    oh man, go to Chengdu and order up some noodles and you will discover new hieghts of spicy.
    I want to go to this restaurant someday...

    Recipe Recipe
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    I made mapo tofu last night. I did a great job this time, if I do say so was so delicious...mmmmmm

    Definitely one of my favorites.

    Mapo nasu is really good too. I can't wait until my garden comes in...
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    I can't stand Japanese food. Can't stand it.

    Chinese food = love
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    Chinese food quite oilly and tastely....
    Japanese food more 'fresh', relatively more clean!... Chinese food also clean now...

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