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Thread: Difference between Hon-Mirin and Aji-Mirin???

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    Question Difference between Hon-Mirin and Aji-Mirin???

    Tokyo International Party

    I was trying to get all the ingredients that I needed to finally make Gyudon for the first time and after about three weeks of waiting, I was able to visit a local Asian Grocery and bought a few of them being the Aji-Mirin...
    After I got home and watched the video on how to make Gyudon, I realized that the recipe called for Hon-Mirin you guys know the difference between the two? Would it really matter if I used the Aji-Mirin instead?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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    Looks like hon-mirin is better stuff, but you can use the aji-mirin all the same.
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