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Thread: Nori Sheets ?

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    Nori Sheets ?

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    Hey guys i was wondering maybe you's could help I'm looking for nori sheets in australia but i can only find made in china even though it has japanese writing on the front of it, so is there any Japanese nori i can buy on the internet that is japanese or from a store in Australia thanks for all the help.

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    why do you need japanese made nori?
    it should be the same. same taste at least, and same size.

    i have a funny feeling the nori you buy in japan might me made in china too;)

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    yea pretty much all nori is made the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by sburm View Post should be the same. same taste at least, and same size.
    Now, that's like saying every brand of beer is the same. I buy a particular brand of nori for its superior taste over the others.

    You could buy stuff from major nori brands on the internet but they tend to be rather expensive. The Japanese writings on the packages suggest that they are made for the Japanese market, so at least we know they're not the Korean-style nori sheets which are heavily flavoured with sesami oil/salt/MSG and whatnot.

    Try them and see if you like how they taste.
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