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View Poll Results: Can you slurp your noodles?

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Thread: To slurp or not to slurp??

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    I have no problems slurping...and if you hold the bowl closer to your face the noodles and soup don't splash on your clothes or the table!

    As for taking in the air...that is why you slurp...partly to increase the flavor and the other reason is to help to cool the hot noodles! (it's not like you are immediatly swallowing the air & still have to chew! )
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    .....wistfully looking forward to the day when the stock question changes from "Can you use chopsticks?" to "Can you slurp?".....
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    Originally Posted by mikecash
    .....wistfully looking forward to the day when the stock question changes from "Can you use chopsticks?" to "Can you slurp?".....
    LOL...I know what you mean...I've actually been complimented on my slurping abilities already!
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    This thread is just so bizarre. The interesting thing is that it does take chopstick ability for granted, which means we're giving ourselves more credit than we usually get when out on the town.
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    The first time I heard the thunderous roar of mass noodle slurping was at a little hole in the wall soba shop in Tokyo. It was lunch hour, and my friend and I had trouble hearing each other from all the slurping. I made the comment that these guys must really be in a hurry to get back to work, and was informed that this is the proper way to eat noodles in Japan. "Hmmmm ... I think I'm going to like it here", I thought to myself as I tried to make more noise than the guys next to us at the counter. Despite my conservative upbringing, I became a noodle slurper with little effort.
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    How do you not slurp?

    I gotta admit, it took a while to get the knack--or maybe to relax enough to do it--but now, how do you eat soba and not slurp?

    Hey Cee-Cee! There was a place on Okinawa, along Route 58, west side of the island, south of Kadena in a village called Kitamae where they served the best soba and fried rice you could ask for. Is it still there?

    It was a good place, even if it did cater to Americans.
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    I only had the chance to slurp for the first time last night, and while I wasn't all noisy (only authentic Japanese place in town, but also one of the nicest resturants outside of downtown) I didn't make any messes and I was successful with the mechanics of it on the second or third try. (I was having soba with my meal.)

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    Talking slurping is fine

    yep slurping is fine. its fast way of eating! but my parents tells me off wen i slurp you see. they say its rude. but japan it just means the noodles taste very nice
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    Originally Posted by mikecash
    This thread is just so bizarre. The interesting thing is that it does take chopstick ability for granted, which means we're giving ourselves more credit than we usually get when out on the town.

    Hell, I usually just plant my face in the bowl and suck.
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    i usally alternate ill use the chopstickls until there is more liquid than noddles than i will slup
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    i slurped yesterday

    yesterday night i had noodles so i slurped it all down, and it was some experience. i inhaled so much air n when i went to sleep i kept farting ><. too much gass. it was horrible. had to go to the rest room because there was so much gas in my stomach!
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    I learned to slurp in Japan, and it still sometimes bothers me when I hear others doing it, but I've become accustomed to it and do it freely whilst in Japan.

    The only problem I have is that, when I try try to slurp really hot ramen or udon, the steam sometimes tickles my throat causing me to cough and spit out all over the counter or table the product of my slurping. This can be downright embarrassing at times. Luckily, though, it hasn't happened too often out in public.

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    Slurping coffee makes it taste better. FACT

    I don't care about slurping or putting your elbows on the table or anything like that, as long as you don't chew loudly with your mouth wide open.
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    Chibi Chibi
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    I think I've slurp sometimes, but probably not the good way to slurp, feh, I know it is considered rude in the US, but I don't really care at all.


    though I would love to learn how to slurp the right way ^_^
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    now i have a question to it considered rude when you *don't* slurp in japan?
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    as a matter of fact... i'm eating a bowl of raman right now *eeeee* i love thes stuff, and yes... i slurp... i eat everything with chopsticks, then i slurpedy slurp away ^.^

    but... you don;t have to to it in a dismannored way... it can be done very politly and... um... i dunno, words aren't really happeneing today, but... yeah....
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    I slurp hot tea....does that count? lol
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    Oooh I like to slurp in Korea, and im sure I will like slurping in Japan, dont like the excess slurp on my new white skirt, or on my shirt. However I just could never slurp in a non asian restaurant. I had to convince my mother that my boyfriend does have good table manners... thats why he was being extra noisy. Also I have been given a few nudges to be more slurppier when in certain company, its much easier to do when you are surrounded by slurpers. Its funny though because I would be so disgusted if someone was slurping and eating with their mouth open or talking with their mouth full and they werent in an asian restaurant.
    About the chopsticks part, I do prefer to use them mostly and just make the noise of slurping haha, less splash that way, and if the noodles are too spicy they make me cough when 'really' slurpping... not good at the dinner table!
    Does anyone know any good Japanese style ramen restaurants in Busan (south of South Korea) I really really miss Japanese ramen!

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    I do my best to slurp whenever its fun and it doesn't hurt anyone.
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    ::slurp:: It's fun. And I also find it's quite practical: you don't drool soup all over yourself, hahahaha.
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    I have never tried but i don`t like slurp the food
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    I'm honestly a bit confused.. Why is the question "Can you slurp your noodles?"
    This is a serious question as I am raised slurping; it is not a question of "can" (physically) but of "can" (with regards to etiquette) right?
    Anyways, I think it is good to slurp! I havn't answered the poll because my answer "Yes, I always do" isn't there! Slurping enhances your tasting. As a certified wine specialist I can tell you it is a scientific fact; the more oxygen, the better taste. (Not that your food tastes better, but you can taste it better.)
    It is also fun. I organized a wine tasting session just a week ago for friends of mine, novices in the area of wine-tasting. The slurping caused for a lot of fun I can tell you; laughing at each other, spilling wine.. Fun fun fun.
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    I first time I heard my Japanese father-in-law slurping I was very surprised because you just do not do that in Europe! Now I have gradually learned it myself. I must admit that I still do not slurp like a real man, but eventually I will get there!
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    I was taught not to slurp,it's bad manner.
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    well......i don't mind either....i can...but i don't always do....^^;;;

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