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Thread: what do you put in your okonomiyaki?

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    Exclamation what do you put in your okonomiyaki?

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    HI! my family wants to give okonmiyaki a try! but they dont know what to put in it, and neather do i. last time was it kinda empty. i know i need to put in a little more ingredients.
    so just to give me some ideas. what do you usally put in your okonomiyaki?
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    Shrimp and Tako are a great start for a good pair of ingredients. There are a lot more ideas listed at website - under Recipe. Good luck!
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    I love bacon, green onion and cheese. Also crunchy ramen noodles give a great texture and was a favorite of mine when I lived in Japan.
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    I love to put cheese on it, or Kim chi is nice as well.
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    mochi (cut into small cubes)
    kiri-ika (shredded dried squid)
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    I ate okonomi-yaki for my supper today
    And I am from Osaka, the home of okonomi-yaki!

    The essencial ingredients are cabbage and pork, I think.
    And you should put fish and shellfish(for example, shrimp, cuttlefish or oyster etc.) and spring onion.
    That is usual okonomi-yaki

    What I recommend to put are cheese and rice cake!
    Very delicious X)
    Some people like to put kimchi, too.
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    Does that mean you made your own okonomiyaki, Yukakko?
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    > Glenn

    Thank you for replying

    We sometimes eat okonomi-yaki in the okonomi-yaki shop(I should use "house"?) and sometimes make and eat it in our house.

    In most of the okonomi-yaki shop, we can choose many kinds of ingredients.

    I'm sorry I don't know about what is usual for not-Kansai people, but in Kansai, to make and eat okonomi-yaki in our house is not unusual, I think.
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    I guess it's probably either an okonomiyaki restaurant or an okonomiyaki stand. I used to get it from this nice old couple who had a stand they'd set up outside of the Kulala Howdy in Kyoto, but I also had some I think at a restaurant in Umeda in Osaka. I haven't had it in four years or so now.
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    There is an okonomiyaki place here in town, but it is kind of far.
    Usually, we make it at home.
    We like to add in pork, ebi, mochi, scallion. My husband likes squid in his too.
    Don't forget the katsuobushi and aonori on top.

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