View Poll Results: What Japanese Foods DON'T You Like?

Voters 179. You may not vote on this poll
  • sushi

    11 6.15%
  • nattou

    65 36.31%
  • nori (seaweed)

    11 6.15%
  • umeboshi (pickled apricot)

    29 16.20%
  • unagi (eel)

    26 14.53%
  • All Fish

    6 3.35%
  • Everything

    1 0.56%
  • Nothing

    13 7.26%
  • rice

    1 0.56%
  • okonomiyaki (omelet)

    7 3.91%
  • gyoza

    3 1.68%
  • ramen

    5 2.79%
  • miso soup

    4 2.23%
  • ikura (salmon eggs)

    37 20.67%
  • kanimiso (crab brains)

    52 29.05%
  • basashi (raw horse)

    62 34.64%
  • squid, octopus

    21 11.73%
  • shellfish

    17 9.50%
  • nankotsu (chicken joints)

    43 24.02%
  • wasabi

    19 10.61%
  • uni (sea urchin)

    43 24.02%
  • shoga (pickled ginger)

    17 9.50%
  • hasu (lotus root)

    11 6.15%
  • konnyaku (potato jelly)

    20 11.17%
  • namako (sea cucumber)

    30 16.76%
  • Ginnan (gingko seeds)

    4 2.23%
  • Raw okra

    16 8.94%
  • Inago (fried grasshoppers)

    41 22.91%
  • Funazushi (fermented carp)

    30 16.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Japanese Foods DON'T You Like?

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    Tokyo International Party

    Pretty much I could check everything on the list...most are the usuals that people don't like. But for me I also can't stand udon noodles. I find that so strange because I love noodles. The thickness and almost the sticky, squishy texture just doesn't seem right to me. It's sort of like they are long dumplings that haven't been cooked enough. I'll eat them, but I certainly don't appreciate them. (I do like wasabi, pickles, ramen and veg. gyoza though!)
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    先輩 Male
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    Im not big on anything seafood
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    kombizz Male
    Join Date Feb 12, 2007
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    United States
    Once, I had basashi with few friends in the down town in a small cafe.
    It was so ahhh !
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    後輩 Female
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    there are a lot of things on that list i've yet to try...they are all a little more interesting than i'd want to dwell...and i'll eat about anything
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    後輩 Female
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    Actually I like Japanese food that international people think it is Japanese food. But recently, I don't want to eat Natto. I ate it everyday before. So I'm sure that I am tired of eating Natto.
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    Join Date Mar 13, 2007
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    Posts 149
    I haven't come across anything that I don't like,but I CAN'T eat anything raw due to some reasons>.<"
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    後輩 Female
    Join Date Aug 9, 2007
    Location Somewhere
    Posts 14
    i really don't like sushi..but i think te reason for that is the wasabi..i'm okay with spicy food but it doesn't last and worst thing of all is that you get left with a distgusting taste
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    ケビン Male
    Join Date Jan 2, 2007
    Location Antwerp, Belgium
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    I really dislike natto. I ate it once on sushi and I really had to skip it. natto snack is more ok, but overal I just dont like it.

    I also ate seasalad one time, dont remember the japanese name for it. its just slices of blubber that doesnt really have a great taste or smell. after 2 or 3 slices I started to dislike it..

    takoyaki is fried octopus, and I ate it at a matsuri. they sold it in boxes and the first takoyaki I ate was ok but again after 2 or 3 pieces I started to dislike it. I also ate normal octopus and that was ok, but again I dont understand why people would like octopus. in my opinion it doesnt have any taste and its just annoying to bite on it..

    and last I had some fishtaste candy. my little hostbrother loves it but I tought it was terrible !
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    Villain Male
    Join Date Feb 26, 2003
    Location Fukuoka (current), Nagoya, Sapporo
    Posts 2,282
    My tatses have changed a bit over the years so in no particular order:

    Ikura (Salmon roe)
    Goya (aka the nastiest vegetable on Earth. Cactus tastes better imo)
    Gyutan (thinly sliced tongue)
    Nankotsu (deep-fried chicken cartilage)
    Pretty much anything Horumonyaki...
    Fugu (Yes, I know it's considered a delicacy and all that but after having a way-overpriced full-course meal of Fugu last year I wasn't impressed but that's just me).
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    natto.. i cannot eat...
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    Join Date Jan 17, 2004
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    United States
    nankotsu and Inago are the 2.

    Inago just doesn't do it for me. nankotsu is too chewy and boney.
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    Back home Male
    Join Date Feb 1, 2007
    Location Monterrey
    Posts 574
    I have seriously come to not like most Japanese snacks. I mean, they are, from what I understand, very healthy and everyone here loves them, but not for me. Sakura Mochi, not dislike but certainly not something I would choose to eat. Give me some Pocky and case closed!

    Vegetables, certainly Goya, I think it is called. Too bitter for me.

    Also, Miso soup, I am not a big fan, I eat, but not a favortie thing for me.

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    先輩 Female
    Join Date Sep 22, 2007
    Location Jakarta, Indonesia
    Posts 98
    wuaaahh,,, i choose "nothing" though i haven't try all of them... bwahahahaa....

    first i want to vote "rice" but then i think,,, "hey...japanese rice is kinda yummy..."

    so.. "nothing"
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    Banned Female
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    United States
    Well, the only thing I've ever tried on that list was sushi. Had it once at this non-Japanese restaurant, and didn't like it. Since I'm the kind of person who has to have something at least twice before I can decide whether or not I like it I'll more then likely give it another try. I need to find a good place to get some though! Everything else on that list I have never had, and I don't think I ever will since it doesn't sound very tasty. Okay, I lied the ramen, and misao soup sound good!
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    先輩 Female
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    United States
    That would have to be wasabi. ^^;; I tried a sample of it once and it took quite a while to get rid of the strong flavor. Don't think I would ever try it again.
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    United States
    Sashimi .... I can't eat fish
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    ... La La // Female
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    askajsh wasabi >.< i hate wasabi >.<

    I remember I invited one of my friends to eat (for the first time) sushi and I told her that the green thing was a weird Japaneses avocado (palta) so she took A HUGE portion of wasabi and EAT IT! omg XDDDDDD in like.. 0.0001 seconds she was in a McDonald's restaurant asking for coca-cola! (she skipped the hole line of ppl)

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    Yukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Female
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    UK - England
    Raw fish and squid...eww. But I adore vegetarian Sushi and chicken dishes.
    Kyasarin Kuinn
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    I guess overall it's fish and anything flavored with fish or fish base/stock, and those darn bonito flakes that get put on so much stuff. I ordered tofu and it came covered in those fish flakes. Oh, and the way they wiggle on hot, steamy food just makes my skin crawl and stomach turn. It's visually horrific to me!
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    Being raised in country where most food is served hot, I nearly barf when eating certain sushi. I tried shrimp lover's and I went in the restroom and spit it out. California roll isn't so bad though. MY FAVORITE IS SHRIMP TEMPURA appiteizer. The roll really makes me sick because its hot and cold.
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    I think it taste good, though I have eaten not frequently.
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    先輩 Male
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    Thumbs down Oden !!

    The fish-bouillon based meal is the worst for me.
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    先輩 Female
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    United States
    i hate squid. can't stand it.
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    先輩 Male
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    Shirako, fish sperm....and Ika shiokara, squid guts mixed with squid. Basashi(raw horse) has to be third on my list, I thought I heard it was neighing at me. Raw liver and motsu-nabe.

    Other than those things I can eat nearly anything I think. If the liver is cooked at a yakiniku place I can eat that stuff all day. Cow Tongue also is good. Basically anything at a Yakiniku place besides raw liver.
    Natto is fine with me.
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    Definitely the Fugu-sashi, i dont like it and it doesnt like me either! hahaa.....
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