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Thread: Who likes Japanese Breakfast

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    Tokyo International Party

    Statistics show that gangsta&thugs tend to skip breakfast, MEXT concluded that they must be rehabilitated by forcing kids eat breakfast.

    Just like geriactrics studies tell that people tend to die in hospitals therefore such institutions should be demolished at once in order to get better life expectancy.

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    Rice, raw egg and soy sauce?? I haven't tried that yet. How is it prepared? Does one put egg on top of the rice then mix?

    My usual breakfast is fried rice and left-overs from last nights dinner. If I feel a bit creative I'd make a special fried rice with vegetables and tuna, chicken or beef and egg mixed in.

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    The traditional breakfast is basically grilled fish (usually salmon), rice, miso soup, and pickled veggies. GREAT STUFF! The raw egg and natto are optional. But Tokyo is now living on Internet time so most families have a quick western style breakfast of toast and coffee (maybe fried eggs) or cereal. Healthier people have yogurt and/or granola. You can get an Egg McMuffin almost everywhere, but NO Breakfast Burrito! Tohoho.
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    i never a japanese breakfast before, but the possibilities seem endless
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    Breakfast at Denny's

    Picture of traditional Japanese breakfast at Denny's, just 500 yen.

    Most people, however, opt for the morning set which is a thick, thick piece of toast with jam and butter, small salad, and coffee/black tea (egg & ham, optional)

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    Hmm, (traditional) Japanese breakfast foods are really not all that distinct from other Japanese foods. So I suppose I like it.
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    I'd be scared of salmonella. But green tea is great, I must drink about 4 cups a day.
    True. Raw egg is intimidating but I love green tea!
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    Yes! I love having a large breakfast as I wake up absolutely starving in the morning. Rice, egg, miso soup, pickles, seaweed, and/or fish sounds very yummy for breakfast. I usually just have oatmeal though because it's so cheap. Sometimes I have natto rice and a smoothie. Sometimes I have miso soup with an egg poached in it and rice. I always have green tea. Hot gen-maicha in the winter, iced green tea in the summer with some sort of fruit flavor added.
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    I'd like to see the picture of every item of them~
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    Going from what my students say..

    Kids: pan (plain, white, styrofoam-like bread)
    Young men: onigiri and black coffee, or often nothing at all
    Girls: yogurt drink

    I like the Japanese breakfast but I prefer my own Western breakfast of oatmeal fruit and fried eggs. If I had a Japanese wife who made me a Japanese breakfast though, I would not complain!
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    I must admit, I have never had the "Japanese Breakfast" as described here, though I am certainly interested in trying it! I am in the same boat as sl0thmachin3 though, how exactly is it prepared? It it really as simple as just breaking the egg and pouring the insides on top of some cold rice, and eating?
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    I've had the traditional style Japanese breakfast when I stayed with my wife at a traditional style hotel. It was ok, but not really my thing. I don't mind having miso soup in the morning though. I don't usually care for the miso soup made in restaurants as it tends to be a bit salty but the one my wife makes is really delicious!
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    I like the idea of onigiri and black coffee for breakfast.
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    I am Japanese and I know the Japanese breakfast.
    But I eat bread for breakfast.
    I like the Japanese breakfast, but I don't have enough time to prepare it in the morning.
    My mother may think so too, so I have eaten bread for breakfast since I was a little child.

    And we can eat miso soup or rice with a raw egg or something which is likely to be in the Japanese breakfast not only in the morning.
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    The meal of every morning
    Boiled rice, miso soup, the dried seaweed, a fresh egg, takuan(pickled Japanese radish), tukemono(pickles), green tea
    Yum! I could eat that! I LOOOOVE green tea. Natto looks really tasty! Anyone know where you can get it in Australia? Oh man, natto, rice and an egg, I could really go for that right now!
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    Basically I do not eat breakfast because I do not like to eat early in the morning. I once tried Japanese breakfast but I did not like it. so I am not sure if I did not like it because it was Japanese or just because I do not like breakfast in general.
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