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Thread: Common Kanji

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    Question Common Kanji

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    Can anyone perhaps direct me to a link of some commonly used Kanji, or just important Kanji to remember?
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    In your textbook, perhaps?
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    Easier kanji = more commonly used. Just look at the kanji for the JLPT 4-kyuu or something.
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    Use a textbook, e.g. Genki or learn the Kanji for the JLPT4 ->

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    Easier kanji = more commonly used. Just look at the kanji for the JLPT 4-kyuu or something.
    Define "easier." Is 曜 easier than 舌? Is 雑 easier than 廿? Is 誌 easier than 屯? If you mean "easier because you see them all the time and as a result your memory is reinforced much more frequently and without the necessity of artificial means," I agree. If you're using another definition, I'm interested in knowing what it is (I know there are others, which is why I'm asking).

    Incidentally, I like the Heisig method outlined in Remembering the Kanji I. I used it, and it boosted my comprehension of kanji from ~400 to over 1600 in a much shorter time than it took me to get to the ~400. The remaining 400 or so took a while because I found myself lacking in imagination after a while, but I'm definitely a fan of the method.
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    There are lists of JLPT Level 4 kanji online, as well as grade-by-grade level for elementary school students in Japan. Those might be good to start with.

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