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CHIJO!! (or How To Make Love on A Train)

Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by Pachipro, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Pachipro

    Pachipro JREF Resident Alien

    Jan 19, 2005
    Anyone who has lived for any length of time in Japan and knows a little bit of the language and culture knows the word chikan. The meaning of this word is a molester, but basically refers to a male who is prone to be a peeping Tom, stealing womanツ’s underwear from their clothes lines, or even groping woman on the trains, catching a quick feel here and there, or pressing themselves into females. You can sometimes spot chikan ogling young school girls in their sailor uniforms. A brave woman or girl being molested or felt up on a train might blurt out, ツ“chikan!ツ” to warn others of his presence and have him taken down by others or arrested at the next train stop. It is because of this all too common practice in Japan and the prevalence of many chikan that nowadays there are ツ“women onlyツ” cars during rush hour.

    The female counterpart of chikan is ツ“chijoツ” and basically has the same meaning, only referring to a female. And yes there are some chijo in Japan, but they are rare or hardly reported to the police. I mean what hot blooded male, in his right mind, would report that he was felt up by a woman on a train other than to let all his friends know about it? I know I wouldnツ’t. And I didnツ’t report it when it happened to me.

    Yes, I was groped, or molested, or whatever you want to call it on a train by a female when I was a college student in Japan. I was shocked and awed at what happened, but I didnツ’t feel I was molested. In fact, after I got over the initial shock, I kind of enjoyed it and ツ“let her take advantage of meツ” so to speak. Or at least, after I understood just what the hell was going on, let her ツ“have her way with me.ツ” This is the story of that one and only experience I ever had with a chijo.

    I was on my way back home from the university during rush hour and I didnツ’t feel like waiting 20 minutes at the platform in Shinjuku for a seat on the Odakyu Express train that originated from there. I wanted to get home so I took my place in line for the next express train. I was ninth in the double line, so I knew I would not be getting a seat.

    When the train arrived and all the people emptied out the left side of the train, the doors on the right side opened and everyone near the front scrambled for a seat. People are so desperate for a seat, especially after waiting 20 minutes, that they practically knock each other out of the way! Since I was so far back in the line I couldnツ’t get my favorite standing spot next to the door and was stuck standing near the door in the middle of the aisle. The train was crowded, but not very. I knew it would get worse at Yoyogi Uehara and Shmo Kitazawa, the next two express stops.

    As usual, the crowd at Shimo Kitazawa at this time of the evening was large and the people were packed into the train. I mean we were so packed in that I didnツ’t have to hold on to anything as the throng of people and the closeness of our bodies would keep me from losing my balance. Thatツ’s how close we were. It was so crowded that I hardly had any room to fold my magazine in quarters to read it.

    As the train pulled out of the station all the people kind of moved backwards with the forward momentum of the train. One woman who had her back to me leaned into me with her butt and back. As the train gained speed and we were able to stand I kind of backed away from her an inch or so as I didnツ’t want her to think I was pressing into her or anything that may make her yell, ツ“chikan!ツ” and get me arrested or something.

    It was about an 8-10 minute ride to the next express stop so I just got as comfortable as I could and began to read my magazine. To my astonishment the same woman in front of me moved back a little and placed her butt squarely in my crotch. I was startled and moved backward maybe a centimeter or so as there was virtually no room for me to move back much. I no sooner did that than she did it again. At first I thought it was an accident and, as there was no more room for me to move back without my pressing my butt into some guys crotch, I kind of arched my hips back a bit so my crotch wouldnツ’t be touching her butt. I no sooner did that than, again, she moved her butt against my crotch for a second time. Now I knew this was no accident. She was doing it on purpose.

    I had heard that there were women, chijo, who sometimes did this on the train, but I had never personally experienced it myself in seven years of living there. I had heard that they did things similar to what chikan do, and I had even heard secondhand stories about how they would even grab a manツ’s crotch or massage his butt. Now I was experiencing it for the first time. Call me crazy, but I am a male and I was not about to let this experience with a chijo pass me by. If she was pitching, I was catching.

    As she continued to press her butt into my crotch, I straightened up and, ever so lightly, proceeded to press my crotch back against her. The harder I pressed, the harder she pressed back and the harder I got! I remember thinking to myself, this is no accident. She's actually encouraging this! So I pressed against her all the more. I shyly glanced around to make sure no one was looking at us, but it was really too crowded for anyone to really notice as we so packed together.

    Throughout the entire ride to the next stop we pressed against each other so much it was as if we were making love. In a way we were making love. She would move her butt ever so slowly against my crotch in a circular motion, side to side, and then up and down a little. I couldnツ’t believe how aroused I had become and I responded in kind. All the while she had her head down pretending to read a book she had in her hands.

    I never once saw her face, but I guessed she was in her 20ツ’s. She had long black hair and was wearing what seemed to be a business suit. I could smell the hint of a nice perfume and the nice fragrance of her long shiny black hair. The top of her head came up to about my chin and we played our little ツ“love makingツ” game until the train pulled into the next station; her pressing against me and me responding in kind.

    As the doors opened, she quickly got off to my dismay. I tried as best I could to get a look at her, but she had her head turned completely away from me, (probably on purpose) and I never even got a sideways glance at her face as she blended in with, and disappeared into, the crowd. If she was beautiful I never knew, but I like to imagine she was as beautiful as my wildest fantasy.

    As quite a few people got off at this station there was now room for me to stand in relative comfort and I took my usual place against the door for the remaining 15 minutes or so ride home. For obvious reasons I faced the door. The little tease had left me high and dry and frustrated, and I couldnツ’t wait to get home to ツ“take care of my frustration!ツ”

    However, it was an experience I would never forget and I often think about it, with a smile, to this day, some 25 years later, of the chijo who had the nerve to take on a foreigner on a crowded train in Japan. (Something told me this was not her first experience.)

    If chijo ever became so prevalent in Japan that they had to have separate cars for men, women, and mixed, Iツ’m pretty sure the men only cars would be empty or filled with men looking to have an experience with other men. I know I would not ride in a men only car. Co-ed all the way for me!

    When I relayed this experience to my Japanese friends, both male and female, they didnツ’t seem all that surprised and both had said that, although rare, it is not unheard of for chijo to do that on trains. Maybe that is why men do it. Maybe, they are making the first move hoping they are interacting with, or hoping to find, a chijo. I donツ’t know. In my case it never happened again with a female although I have had more than a few men press themselves up against me both before and after this unique experience. In those cases, I either moved out of the way, got off at the next stop and then back on again, or found another spot quickly in the same or another car. But I didnツ’t make a scene and they never persisted or I may have ended up being arrested for assaulting someone.

    After that exhilarating experience I often didnツ’t mind taking a crowded train at rush hour and kind of looked forward to it. In fact I often made it a point to take a crowded train for a while after that experience. But, I never experienced it again. And, I would never make the first move myself and press myself against a woman on purpose for fear of being called a chikan and maybe getting arrested. It is just not my style.

    Whoever you are, chijo-san, you gave a young man an experience heツ’ll never forget and one heツ’ll fondly cherish. And for that, being a hot blooded male at the time, I thank you. Heck, I would even savor it with as much delight today as I did back then. No, I donツ’t mind crowded trains in Japan. Not then, not today, probably never will.
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  2. Da Monstar

    Da Monstar New Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    ...And You let her get away!?!

    Well I not for backing up rape (I am Against that), I would say being grapped, touched or any other way sexually harrased by a female would not bother me at all. When growing up in your teens, one's parents usually warns you of rapists, flashers or any other perverts trying to tuch you. I see that girls might be frightened and emotionally hurt if they experience such a thing.
    But I seriusly believe that men commonly would think "Hey, did I just score?" (to quote Beavis & BUtthead :D)

    So Pachipro, I so envy you for your Chijo experience. Not only did you get "Victimized" by a chijo, but you even got "Victimized" by a good looking girl (so far as I understand from your post).

    Well, Chikan or chijo... it really differs from the gender. Girls would dislike it (And I understand that), but men would be more than happy to be sexually harrased by a person of the opposite gender.
  3. ArmandV

    ArmandV Seven Times To Japan

    Oct 18, 2004
    Funny story. It seems Japanese women (or some of them) are more bold than the stereotype would lead people to believe. Sounds like something from Penthouse Forum. The "Woody Express?"
  4. m477

    m477 New Member

    Jun 6, 2003
    Perhaps the reason this person made such an effort to keep their back to you the entire time was to prevent you from seeing the Adam's Apple.
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  5. Doc

    Doc Government Man

    Feb 13, 2005
    I guess I am the only one who would have a problem of a chijo doing that to me, but then again I do not like to be touched in any inappropriate way, shape, or form. I just do not agree with sexual harassment or molestation from other people, male or female. Of course as I said, that is just me though.

    Doc :)
  6. Gaijinian

    Gaijinian Member

    Jun 3, 2005
    Wow, that is a great story!
    From what I've read, you had a great time in Japan...
  7. Ewok85

    Ewok85 Cute and Furry

    Nov 14, 2003
    Ahahaha, I've had exactly the same thing happen to me. I swore it was just really cramp and I was imagining things, so when I had a chance I took a step backwards, just to see what would happen.
    She fell backwards :D
    Glad I'm not going crazy and it is something thats semi-normal :cool:
  8. Mike Cash

    Mike Cash Delusions of Adequacy

    Mar 15, 2002
    You have to be extremely careful these days, because what hopeful guys take for a chijo is usually actually a woman getting ready to yell "chikan!!!", raise a stink, and end colleting a sum of money for not pressing charges. It has been an issue in the last few years.
  9. ArmandV

    ArmandV Seven Times To Japan

    Oct 18, 2004

  10. Pachipro

    Pachipro JREF Resident Alien

    Jan 19, 2005
    Good point. I never thought about it at the time, but I did think about it afterwards and some others have also mentioned it. But heck who cares if it was a male. My brain was fooled into thinking it was a woman at the time and that's all that mattered.

    You're right about that and my wife has even mentioned it telling me not to fall for it these days should it ever happen again. I'll definetly keep that in mind and not press back. It was an interesting experience though. Ahh, the good 'ole days.
  11. Shibuyaexpat

    Shibuyaexpat 先輩

    Jan 19, 2005
    Pachipro, I would've had a very hard time believing your story if a similar incident hadn't happened to me. I was on the Yamanote line and the young woman got on at the Ebisu station. Except in my situation, I needed to get off (pardon the pun) at the next station so I sat on one of those benches for a few minutes to cool down with the briefcase on my lap.
  12. Pachipro

    Pachipro JREF Resident Alien

    Jan 19, 2005
    I did think that many people might not believe that experience, but I posted it anyway hoping to elicit responses by others who may have had a similar experience. I'm glad someone also experienced something similar. Thanks for sharing.
  13. nurizeko

    nurizeko tsuyaku o tsukete kudasai

    Jan 19, 2005
    Heh, great story, i love some of the stuff i hear from japan :)

    I was once on a crowded train home with my girlfriend, it was pretty crowded and i was just next to her, i grabbed her *** just to see how she would react, she didnt do anything, so i can only assume she was just ignoring it, i did it a few more times, then she musta recognised the shape and stuff of my hand because she grabbed mine.

    Thats the closest to train naughtyness ive ever got.

    but that chijo story is awsome, i can see how memorable it is, and getting so turned on you had to finish yourself off at home, lmao....

    cheers dude, it makes the prospect of getting on a rush hour train all the more pleasant, though i have a g/f so ohwell...but i hope you find your chijo-san oneday.
  14. advigilo

    advigilo crazy

    Oct 28, 2004
    Oo do these things happen only in japan? or do these kind of things happen in other countries also?
  15. The7thSamurai

    The7thSamurai Master of the Universe

    Feb 4, 2005
    Well considerng I often catch myself saying "only in Japan...", then I'd say yes, only in Japan :)
  16. werewolf

    werewolf 先輩

    Oct 21, 2004
  17. strongvoicesforward

    Dec 25, 2005
    The chikan allegations that many men must endure is pitiful -- and to tell you the truth I think how it is handled is reprehensible.

    Often when someone is held at a station for being accused of being a chikan, there is no witness, other than the woman who has made the allegation. What happens is the police take the person to the police station and ask him to confess. If he confesses he will have to pay the woman some "I`m sorry money" and have a court date where it will be recorded on his "record," but if he does confess he will be freed to go to wherevever he was on his way going and will not see any jail time (provided he doesn`t have a previous record). He will also be informed that confessing could be done in a way where his family will not even be informed of it.

    If he refuses to confess, the police tell him that they can hold him for 10 to 20 days while they do their investigation. They ask him if his work will let him be absent for that period without terminating him and reminding him of his mortgage and children' school tuition etc... that will all come crashing down if he can`t meet the monthly payments of his life due to losing his job and reputation -- because if they do hold him, they will make it public that they have apprehended a man suspected of molesting someone. They can`t hold you in secret, but they can release you in secret after you confess.

    Well, average Joe salaryman, even if he is innocent, is going to start calculating the costs and benefits of confessing or holding out. They are rational and pragmatic -- keep their life, or keep their pride. Many opt for the former, and that is how Jpn police conduct their 'investigation" and get their 'confession' out of a number of suspected 'chikan'.

    I watched a very interesting news story on this here in Japan a few years ago about this, and several men were interviewed as to how their lives were destroyed because they would not confess and all the above happened to them. They chose keeping their pride, but did lose their jobs and reputation in the towns they lived in. They emphatically pressed the point that due to the crowdedness of Japanese trains, it is just reasonable to expect some overly sensitive women to misinterpret the movings and brushings of bodies and limbs.

    In my opinion, there needs to be a more objective way to go about apprehending someone and then incarcerating them or accusing them without incarceration as coercion to get a confession. It is dispicable and shameful to think mens' lives are destroyed just because one person alleges something.
  18. godppgo

    godppgo 先輩

    Jan 26, 2006
    Interesting story and I thought Chijo only exist in the world of pornography... Guess this just shows how much I don't know about present day Japan.
  19. Kara_Nari

    Kara_Nari Angel of Life

    May 13, 2005
    Our subway's dont get crazy crowded like the Japanese ones. Not enough so that people wouldnt be seen. There is always somewhere to get comfy haha.

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  20. RockLee

    RockLee Hullu

    Apr 22, 2004
    Lolmao ! That's crazy Kara :p

    Nice story P !! Hmm, I think I would respond in the same way you did :bluush:
    It's not that you experience something like that on a daily basis.
  21. werewolf

    werewolf 先輩

    Oct 21, 2004
    Open invitation to blackmail, huh?

    But there are even much worse things, in the USA, anyway.

    Say, for instance, some malevolent kid wants to destroy the entire life of his teacher, why, it's as easy as pie! Just say the magic words: "He touched me in a bad/private place!" That's all it takes - works on any other adult male as well, and on females, too And it's not like the instructions aren't driven into their heads often enough!
  22. Kiriana

    Kiriana 後輩

    Apr 26, 2006
    Iツエm from Germay, and Iツエm living in Hamburg. Hamburg is also a very big town and Iツエm going every day to my university by train.
    Thank god, Iツエve never had such experience. For male perhaps it is a great and exiting experience but most of femal persons will be shocked and disgusted.
    To every man at this Forum. Please realise that such a situation is not worthwhile for a women.
    Next year I will go to japan for one or two years and I hope Iツエll never meet a chikan.
  23. Reiku

    Reiku 先輩

    Aug 23, 2004
    And here I was all set to be sarcastic and cynical--only to have so many people chime in and support your (totally awesome) story. You sir, win. :cool:

    Also, on a vaugely related note: http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=10
  24. Ewok85

    Ewok85 Cute and Furry

    Nov 14, 2003
    I saw my first real chikan experience. I've heard from my girl-friends (who ironically all do martial arts and regually hurt me :( ) about chikans on trains, but on the way to work yesterday had a bit of a shock.

    Every day I ride a single train to work, and it gets pretty crowded. Pretty crowded being squashed-up-against-the-glass crowded. Anyway, the exit for my station is right at the end, so when I get off the train I walk past the end of the train where the conductor stands. As I was walk past I noticed this school girl dragging a man by the arm up to the conductor, and then she said (a little loud) "this man touched me up! hes a chikan!".

    The conductor does a bit of a double take - its 8:30am, this line has a train every 3mins at this time of the morning, so the schedule is tight, and were stopped in Ginza, a busy station in the mornings.

    I had to keep going, but what surprised me the most was the number of people who turned around or looked over to see what was going on. Especially when (I'm guessing) the guy tried to argue that he didnt do anything and the girl gave a pretty scary "fuzakkenaiyo!", or "don't f*ck with me!".

    I wonder what would happen? In Australia they would be charged with Assault or Sexual Assault and go to Court, probably being fined $500 or so. I imagine a slap on the wrist over here.
  25. Pachipro

    Pachipro JREF Resident Alien

    Jan 19, 2005
    I just returned from Japan a couple of days ago and I was very surprised to see that virtually every train system that I travelled on now has 2-3 cars that are designated as "Woman Only" cars during the morning rush hour of 7 - 9 am.

    Being naive at the time I am glad that I wasn't set up by her and she yelled "chikan!" or I would've been in a world of hurt.

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