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Chinese girls raped in Japan

Discussion in 'Japanese News & Hot Topics' started by jonleung, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. jonleung

    jonleung 後輩

    I recently read the news about the chinese girl that got raped and two that was beaten up in japan. I, as a Chinese, am outraged. What angered me most was not the fact that those girls were only students going to japan to study, but the fact that one of the policemen said that it was no big deal to rape a Chinese girl! I have grown up hearing first and second hand accounts of the Japanese's deeds during their occupation of chinese territories during WWII. The most horrifying by far was the Nanjing massecre, where 400 thousand chinese heads were lopped off. But i have always said to myself, most of those soldiers and that regime are long gone and i should not blame the japanese people for what their ancestors have done. But even now, they refuse to put the truth of the second world war in their history books. Are they too ashamed, too scared, to admit what they have done to Korea, China, Vietnam and countless other countries?

    In my opinion, Japan should change their history, apologize to those girls and give compensation, and most of all. apologize for invading our country when it was so weak when we didn't even do anything to them. Was it not China that gave you your "culture"? A hundred years ago there was no written Japanese, they used chinese! even today many of their words are in chinese; did they not use the words of Confucius to form their government and millitary? where do you think they got chopsticks from?

    anyhow, i know that there are many Japenese people who do not think that way and to those people i give my apologies. But to the rest, know that many patriotic chinese are very angry about your country.
  2. up for you , brave Chinese girl.
  3. RockLee

    RockLee Hullu

    I recently read about Chinese people beating up Japanese students and burning Japanese flags, destroying Japanese property...hmm it seems the Chinese aren't that friendly either ?? He who throws the first stone is without sins.

    Do you think your government tells you exactly how things are or were ? In fact, did u know Chinese people aren't even allowed to know everything? Internet gets blocked,no messages from foreigners are allowed,you are being spied on by your government 24/7...

    It's indeed a shame those girls got raped, rape is a sad, pathetic thing to do.But I sense you didn't mean to write just about the rape did u ?

    You can't blame all the Japanese for the mistakes they made, especially not the new generation who didn't have ANYTHING to do with it.

    Can you varify this is true? It would sound harsh for a policeofficer to talk in that way :?
  4. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    If this story was true it would have made major headlines in Japan. Can you come up with some sources?
  5. I do not know about this incident.
    Would you teach a news source? :geek:
  6. Doc

    Doc Government Man

    I would like to see some sources as well.

  7. Tim33

    Tim33 先輩

    Exactly i dont think a country who has news internet pages blocked plus other pages can really accuse the Japanese government of not telling there people everything. In my opinion the chinese are far worse at this.

    People get raped. Chinese/japanese/british/american lots of people. It does not have anything to do with past wars. A few years back a Japanese man was raped near where i live. The guy that done it did not think oh i hate the japanese, they must pay for the war. He was just wrong in his head, but that does not make every briton wrong in thiers.

    Please stop using everything you can to bring up the war again. This is really becomming a WW2 history forum rather then a japanese one.

    On a more argumentative note, many people are angry at yours to. Just move on ffs, live for now not the past. Why do you spend so much time wasting your lives on the past there are so many better things you could be doing to better yourselves and generally help the world as a whole.
  8. Do you know why Chinese only piss off Japanese Goverment ? (Not Japanese people) Why don't Chinese eggs and stones thrown to Korea, German, Italy embassy ? But only to Japanese embassy ?

    Take a look at this article, you will know the reason:


    If we have a look at the List of war apology statements issued by Japan, it could appear as if Japan has indeed apologised many times for its WWII atrocities. However, a better look reveals that Japan has mostly apologised to Korea and South-East Asian countries, but no proper official apology was issued to China.

    What is more, the Emperor has already apologised to Korea, so there is no reason to refuse to do the same for China.

    Japan's apologies should mention its invasion and occupation of China, the massacre of millions of people (including Nanjing), forced labour, sexual slavery ("comfort women"), mass looting and biological wafare experiments on live human beings (such as Unit 731).

    Most of the Japanese people I talked to were convinced that the Chinese were protesting because they were brainwashed since the childhood to hate Japan and Japanese people. Many Japanese think that the Chinese hate today's Japanese. But if it were true there would be much more problems and violent attacks, considering that thousands of Japanese companies are established in China, and about one million Chinese visit or go to work or study to Japan each year. Many of today's Chinese people actually like or even admire Japan for its technology or pop-culture. They want peace and friendship with Japan. Out of 1.3 billion Chinese, only a few tens of thousands people felt strongly enough about these issues to participate in the anti-Japan demonstrations, and they are just asking for a proper apology, not monetary reparartions or anything else. ""


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  9. okaeri_man

    okaeri_man Tadaima!

    the entire country cannot be held responsible for the actions of one psycho individual.
  10. Ok, here we go, here is the source.
    http://www.kimsoft.com/kr-japan... [url]http://www.centurychina.com/wiihist/njmassac/rape...
  11. Iron Chef

    Iron Chef Villain

    I edited your links because despite being well-documented, they also contain some imagery that may be inappropriate for some of our members. The addy is still intact though (for the most part) should someone want to follow-up but we won't allow direct links from here to there (as outlined in the forum rules section). Besides... the original poster led us to believe that this was a RECENT incident which is NOT what is documented in the links you posted.
  12. Nuala

    Nuala Hell's Finest Daughter

    How about no? Wouldn't it be ******* grand if the US government gave compensation to every rape victim? Yes, it's the same thing.
    China is no better then Japan, so don't get huffy.
  13. deadhippo

    deadhippo 先輩

    i think rape isnt a headliner in japan
    gangrape on the other hand may grab the headlines for a few days
  14. jonleung

    jonleung 後輩

    ok, first off, i want to say again that i believe not ALL japanese people are like that and i am NOT blaming every Japanese on the planet...and as to those Chinese people u are talking about, i agree they should not beat up japanese people but can you really blame them? imagine ur father or grandfather being dragged out and have his head chopped off by a samurai sword just for fun.

    second, i am speaking on my behalf and not on the Chinese government's behalf. I did not say i like everything my government is doing. however, if you look back you can see that they are slowly making progress. our economy now is pretty much capitalist, and the government is becoming more liberal. personally i live in Hong Kong and they don't do none of that stuff. and no i am not just writing about the rape, but the problem that is behind the rape, and what that policeman said reveals the thoughts of many other Japanese. and no i am not blaming this generation's japanese for the war but for the fact that they refuse to apologize and change their history books. At least our history books tell the truth. and the reason why i think the government should compensate for the rapes is because if i am no mistaken those girls were foreign exchange students, who came on the government's invitation. but if they were not then of course they do not have the obligation to do so

    lastly i want to say that whatever they do it wont personally affect me, but as a nation we have been insulted and all we want is an apology. THEN we can leave it behind we can live in harmony
  15. Tim33

    Tim33 先輩

    I can blame them. The japanese person to get beaten up and abused would of had nothing to do with the war and is not his fault. Therefore beating him up for this reason just shows the immaturity and lack of intelligence from the chinese individuals who done this.

    I somehow dont think that many other japanese want to go out and rape chinese girls for not getting along with them. What the policeman said was out of order maybe but many rapes happen. What he probally meant by it not being a big deal is that it has nothing to do with the chinese/japanese tensions at the moment.

    They should not need to apoligize for something that is not this generations fault.

    I do agree with you on the history books however and i do think that they do not really go into much detail. However have you thought that this may actually increase racial hatred from the japanese students themselves. If not from the chinese part but maybe if they are taught that what then done in the war was terrible maybe they could say the same things about America??
    tokyo/hiroshima/nagaski pretty much flattened. Would telling lots about WW2 history not instead just place blaims elsewhere.

    Just a suggestion

    Compensate, why exactly should the government compensate for the rape of a chinese girl in Japan.
    Im sure chinese rape people to, should all other countries get compensation from you?

    I somehow dont think you would. My guess is that actually if the Japanese government did apoligize you would say "Sorry that was not good enough" or "I dont think they meant it"
  16. RockLee

    RockLee Hullu

    I know what you mean, and I also think that Japan should apologize...But I don't think u should post something about a rape with the intention to rant about Japan.Lately a lot of Chinese people came to this forum to have their little rant about how bad Japan is and that they should apologize...wich is making me get sick of it. :geek: But if u would like an apology, you should think about apologizing to the Tibetians and Ughyurs too.Anyways I hope soon there will be an apology from both countries, as I love both countries I wouldn't want this conflict between Japan and China to have bad consequences.Remember that u don't know even half of what you are supposed to know because of Chinese government blocking almost any news.It's ranked number 137 on the list of pressfreedom afterall, with N-Korea following and the last number on the list.These pages are not available or viewable in China:



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  17. RockLee

    RockLee Hullu

    Sorry but the above article is in Chinese only :geek: I found some other info tho, and it seems to me the Chinese should get an apology from the Government for controlling their ways of thinking.

    Here is an article of Amnesty International : http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGASA170012004

    It states that all traffic goes through the government and sites get blocked and filtered like mad.I wonder why people can get information about things like Japanese massacres but not about their own country :?

  18. Tim33

    Tim33 先輩

    Expressing opinions is wrong. I think this can be seen as an excuse not to listen to the chinese anyway if there opinions are not there own.

    Calling for a reform and end to corruption.

    I never actually thought it was this bad.
  19. jonleung

    jonleung 後輩

    if the CEO of a company frauds someone, but the company isn't sued till after he has retired, or say, died. Does the company still need to go to court and take whatever punushment is given to them?

    no. I don't know what you are talking about. America didn't take hiroshima out of their history books, and Japan shouldn't take Nanjing out. But i'm glad you agree

    No. Unless it's exchange students they're raping. And I am talking about compensating the girls, not China. The main reason i think that is because exchange students are guests to your country to learn the culture...i mean the government doesn't HAVE to do it...or they might just let the rapers do it...thats fair i think.

    I don't think so...an apology is an apology and i truly do not think our government is looking for a quarrel...i mean..they're not even the ones that are demanding an apology...its just the people
    tibet has been a part of china for nearly a thousand years...what are you talking about...mebbe texas and scotland and wales should all be independent too?

    also once and for all...I do not like the Chinese government either...I believe that people should have freedom of speech, of religion, of press...but that is a seperate issue. however my news is not blocked because i am in america and Hong Kong before that...and we get our news from BBC, from CNN, and our own presses and television news stations...Hong Kong is part of China now but it is not the same as the rest of China...there we have freedom of speech and we do not have communist policemen looking at our computer screens

    however this has been a really interesting discussion but i would like to hear what a japanese thinks about all this
  20. Wang

    Wang 先輩

    History of Tibet
    Tibetans are Buddhists, but their form of Buddhism has its roots in India, not China. Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan ethnonational identity are closely connected. Perhaps one-sixth of the adult male population of Tibet were monks (lamas) in 1950. For over a thousand years, Tibet was a theocracy, ruled spiritually and politically by the Dalai Lama and other lamas. The current, fourteenth Dalai Lama was just 5 years old when he was enthroned in 1940.

    Tibet was an independent kingdom from the 800s to the 1300s. It then came under the sway of the Mongols of Ghengis Khan. The dynasty founded by his grandson, Kublai Khan, also ruled China. The Mongols were expelled from China after about a century, but they continued to rule their homeland and Tibet. As Mongol power ebbed, Tibet exercised increased autonomy, and in 1577 the Mongol emperor Altan Khan gave political authority in Tibet to the ranking lama, So-nam gya-tso, and designated him Dalai Lama (lama of all within the seas). The new temporal powers of the Dalai Lama eventually led to increased spiritual authority of the Panchen Lama, the second most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. Soon, however, Tibet's autonomy was eclipsed. Chinese influence grew, and a massive invasion by China in 1751 firmly established the Chinese emperor's suzerainty over Tibet.

    What this history shows is that Tibet was clearly independent for about 600 years, then for another 600 years was in a political twilight zone, neither fully sovereign nor completely subordinate to the Mongols, then to the Chinese. A new era of Tibetan independence began in 1911, when imperial China collapsed, and lasted until 1950, when Chinese forces again seized control. At first, the Dalai Lama remained in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, and exercised some local authority. Then in 1959 the Tibetans revolted against China. They were crushed, almost 100,000 Tibetans were killed, and the Dalai Lama and a large number of supporters fled south to India and established a government-in-exile at Dharmsala. Subsequently, the Chinese revoked Tibet's autonomy and demolished or converted to other uses almost all of its important monasteries and nunneries in an effort to wipe out Tibetan religion and culture. The Dalai Lama claims (and China denies) that, overall, 6,000 monasteries have been closed or destroyed and 1.2 million Tibetans have been killed by the Chinese since 1950.

  21. jonleung

    jonleung 後輩

    ah ok my bad...but they were under chinese rule before 800 ad rite?
  22. bossel

    bossel Sempai

    Not really. At least once, Tibet was even strong enough to invade China & conquer the capitol.

    Edit: I found a source for the above:

    "During the reign of King Trisong Detsen (755-97) the Tibetan Empire was at its peak and its armies invaded China and several Central Asian countries. In 763 the Tibetans seized the then Chinese capital at Ch'ang-an (present day Xian). As the Chinese Emperor had fled, the Tibetans appointed a new Emperor."

    BTW, you shouldn't think that PRC history textbooks really tell the truth.
  23. RockLee

    RockLee Hullu

    Seems to me the Chinese are in the same category as the Japanese :)
  25. pipokun

    pipokun 先輩

    This discussion itself is interesting, but more interesting that a person like you reading and geting info from BBC and CNN is to say "I recently read the news about the chinese girl that got raped and two that was beaten up in japan"...

    Contact Asahi Newspaper and they are so glad to cover the story!
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