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Has Anyone Used Leo Palace 21?

Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by McKeio, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. McKeio

    McKeio 後輩

    I'm moving to Tokyo in September, and am starting to look into housing arrangements. The Leo Palace 21 website sounds like it's a great temporary to long-term set up. I was wondering if anyone has used them?
    In the past I've used Fontana, and wasn't happy with the quality of the room.
    Any alternatives you could suggest would be appreciated.
  2. tamaneko9

    tamaneko9 後輩

    We used Leo Palace for about a year or so, in 2 different towns.
    It is a bit expensive and small, but for a short stay it is good.
    You will not have to worry about utilities and they are usually located close to the station.
    From the outset, you will pay for the duration you want the room reserved. I guess it is sort of like booking a hotel room. But it allowed us time to meet with realtors to search for a more permanent (and less expensive) place.

    In the Kanagawa area, all of the Leo Palace places we saw for "weekly mansions" were new builds. I am not sure if this holds true for the Tokyo area also. But they were much nicer than what we saw through others.

    My only complaint with Leo Palace was that it took so long to complete the set-up. I think we were in the office a good 2 hours or so. Everything is such a process here. :)

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