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How much do you usually spend on lunch?

Discussion in 'Japanese Food & Recipes' started by DemstarAus, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. DemstarAus

    DemstarAus 先輩


    I'm planning a bit of a budget for my home-stay and would like some advice on what people generally spend for lunches (as breakfast and dinner will be included with my accommodation).

    I'd like an average range so I can account for different things. What type of shops do you visit, and what do you get for your yen?

    I will also be trying my hand at making my own lunches for some of the time too, I hear vegetables are comparatively expensive. I'm sure I could ask my family to help me cook and go shopping, but I want to pay for the extra groceries so I can learn to make a few things. I've started practising with miso soup, some sushi and onigiri so far.

    Any general advice or if you could share some of your experience would be greatly appreciated ^__^


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