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How to do classic Japanese Hairstyles for Women

Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by gwendy85, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. gwendy85

    gwendy85 ~*Proudly Mestiza*~

    Another day, another thread! I'm up and running!

    Japanese hairstyle. You know what I'm talking about. The usual thing with the geisha hair (which I don't even know how to pronounce), the one that had somewhat like a bell shape. Classic/Ancient. And lovely.

    Why am I asking? You see, being part Japanese from my great-grandpa, i'm the only one of my siblings to have just a hint of our ancestry. the rest reflected our spanish and indian blood. i wanted to surprise my family a bit (and shock my school, maybe...) by having my hair styled that way. can anyone provide me with online tutorials on how to do it? if it comes out great, i'm getting a kimono to match so i can have my picture taken.

    Thanks guys!
  2. yukio_michael

    yukio_michael Sempai

    Uh, I think so--- maybe... are you refering to sometimes the wigs that geisha wear? I wouldn't actually call that a "Japanese hairstyle"... That's like saying that a mohawk is an "Indian hairstyle"...

    Women also wear this style of hair during certain shinto styled wedding ceremonies, and it's not their actual hair, only their hairdresser (and everyone else) knows for sure.

    I found that shock and surprise are probably two of the worst reasons to do anything related to style---

    Good luck with that kimono, it's a real monster to get on by yourself--- you may need to find someone to help you with bits of it... which is normally how it's done... if you just want to look somewhat traditional-esque... just get a yukata, nobody will know the difference.


    ps. I trust you'll be posting photos!
  3. gwendy85

    gwendy85 ~*Proudly Mestiza*~

    hahaha! yeah, if i manage to, i'll post my pics. i'm changing my avatar in a little while and it'll be all me.
    worst reasons? hahaha! LOL! I'm an artist. I do what i want and get away with it and i happen to think the geisha hair is an art form. arrgh! if only i could learn to do that!

    Thanks for the help :)
  4. nice gaijin

    nice gaijin Resident Realist

    If there's one thing that usually fails to shock, it's tradition.
  5. Tokis-Phoenix

    Tokis-Phoenix 先輩

    I'd go against styling your hair in one of the many traditional hairstyles of japan for a variety of reasons;
    a. You need to have hot wax combed through your hair to support the hairstyle properly, the bad thing being that hair and warm wax dont mix very well and it can be quite painful having it stretched through your hair.
    b. Traditional hairstyles were made to last, most people only washed their hair once a week at the most due to the large cost and long process of getting their hairstyles done- thus it is very difficult to wash the wax out of your hair and may take quite a few wash's to do so especially if you are not accustomed to it.
    c. It will be very difficult finding a traditional japanese hairstylist, and as previously mentioned, expensive.

    The problem with katsura/wigs, is that brand new they often cost thousands of dollars, and second they can be quite dodgey and may need to be re-styled- old katsura can smell bad as well. There are also hundreds of types of traditional japanese hairstyles, so finding the one you are looking for may take a long time.
    As far as kimono go though, i say go for it :cool: !
    There are dozens of types of kimono though, each suited to different occasions, and there are also dozens of types of accesorys which are vital for wearing kimono properly depending on what style you go for.
    I suggest you check out this link, its from another forum im a member of, another member there posted a very handy kitsuke/kimono accesory list and what things do what and what things can be substituted with other stuff :) ;


    In short though, for finding the right length kimono, it should preferably be as long as you are high, you shouldn't really go for kimono more than 10cm shorter than you are as then it becomes very difficult putting it on; you need to have enough excess fabric to fold at the waist if you are a girl- if you are a guy though the kimono should be measured from the top of your shoulders to the top of your feet, as guys dont fold kimono at the waist.
  6. gwendy85

    gwendy85 ~*Proudly Mestiza*~

    hmmm...i think i'll go with the wig thing. i'll have to ask my rich aunt for one. hahahah! maybe i'd get her to buy me a kimono too, but...damn. these are just times i wish my great-grandad were alive (fat chance). and to yukio muchael, that's a photo of me in the avatar. my hair's in a severe bun there, though.
    Thanks for the responses, you guys! ciao!
    PS. In my country, tradition surprises a lot of people since unlike in Japan, young women here don't wear the traditional garb. only old ladies do or some of us during special occasions (rarely though).
  7. Harvey

    Harvey 先輩

    You guys know the hairstyle called the OKAPPA?

    I love that...
  8. nice gaijin

    nice gaijin Resident Realist

    that's a great look! :cool: :D
  9. gaige

    gaige Kouhai

    i know how to do the taka-shimada hairstyle its realy quite easy!
  10. Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank SECURITY-you SPAM/we BAN
    Staff Member Admin

    Bump it up for a new member.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Uncle Frank

  11. nelsonallan

    nelsonallan Banned

    Japanese hairstyle now so interesting....................

    I think Japanese hairstyle are so traditional ................

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