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Obtaining a spouse visa after being deported

Discussion in 'Japanese News & Hot Topics' started by Elly8219, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Elly8219

    Elly8219 後輩

    I have a long story to tell, but I'll get to the point. If anyone knows the ins and outs of obtaining a spouse visa after being deported, anything that would make it easier to apply for, I would very much like to have the advice.

    My story: I was recently deported from Tokyo earlier this year for visa violation. You see I have my BA in Japanese Studies, and I went to Tokyo to work for NOVA as an English teacher. Well it didn't take me very long to realize I didn't agree with their teaching or management methods, so I quit the job to start tutoring English privately. I also started working a bar in the evenings to make extra money to help pay the bills. Well it was at the bar when one night immigration came to do a visa check for all foreign staff. They claimed I violated my visa and therefore the penalty was deportation and 5 years I cannot return to Japan. The big problem with that was, I love Japan, at that time I had a steady boyfriend whom I loved, and I had my own apartment in a good area, a small dog, and many friends and places that I enjoyed. I was shocked that I was being deported for working such a harmless part-time job. My boyfriend and I decided to marry while I was at the detention center, but immigration and the US embassy wouldn't let us, stating that only visa overstay cases can marry to stay in Japan, but visa violators such as I have to leave the country before marriage. So I was advised that my bf and I can marry after I accepted deportation and returned to Los Angeles (which I fought being deported for 1 month, before I agreed to leave). Now, we have been married for 2 months, and are about to send the application in for spouse visa. My questions are:
    1. Considering my deportation record, does anyone know what I can do to speed up the process? I would like to live with my husband in Tokyo asap (and yes I do genuinely love him, the deportation just sped up our marriage plans is all).
    2. Is there any advice on the chances of getting a spouse visa after deportation? I know its difficult, and depends on the persons case. I just can't believe they took my case so seriously. Honestly all the immigration workers laughed at stupid my case was, and hoped for my quick return.
    3. Does anyone know any websites or legal advisors who know about this stuff? I'm in the dark, and I don't want to screw this up.
  2. Mike Cash

    Mike Cash 骨も命も皆此の土地に埋めよう

    Have your husband contact an immigration attorney. You need competent, professional advice....not the anecdotal and/or uninformed musings of well-intentioned laymen on the internet.
  3. FrustratedDave


    On top of that, I feel that you have an up hill battle on your hands. No matter which way you look at it , they will most likely treat your marrage as a "gisoukekkon" which basically means that your marrage is a "cover up" or in your case you have married for the purpose of obtaining a visa. I agree with Mike and strongly suggest an attorney, which will cost a few dollars.

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