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Past 1st Screening + Got University of Fukui Acceptance Letter

Discussion in 'Studying in Japan' started by FiFo, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. FiFo

    FiFo 先輩

    Hi all

    I'm an Iraqi guy living in the United Arab Emirates. Graduating from the College Computer Engineering, I've thought about pursuing post-graduate studies in an Asian country.
    Since my first choice was Japan, due to many social and economic factors :), I started making some relationships with some Arab researchers in the University of Fukui, Robotics and Biotechnology Division. The gave me multiple tests and I could convince them that, as a software developer with more than 6 years of experience, I can help them implementing advanced simulation for their robotic researches.
    By May 2010, I applied through the Japanese Embassy in Iraq, sending all the required documents in addition to my graduation project abstract, a prospected research that I have made and a letter from that team stating that I've been working with them for some time.
    I was called by the beginning of June and then proceeded to the interview in the embassy which I attended by the beginning of July. After attending the English and Japanese tests (I didn't write anything in the Japanese test :embarrased:), I had the interview with the friendly Japanese staff. In a matter of one week, I had an email with a scanned copy of the Preliminary Screening Acceptance Letter. Then I applied to the University of Fukui, since I've been already working with them for sometime. I submitted their Acceptance Letter by mid August and then I was informed to wait up to the end of January 2011 for the final approval.
    I've always read that it is very hard to wait for all this period, but unfortunately I have no other option.
    At the end, I'm a bit optimistic about the result, since from 18 applicants they selected only 3! It is expected that from the 3 they will select two. With all the documents I've sent, I think that I have a very good chance to get the scholarship.
    Hope to see you there soon :)

    Btw, what do you think about that city/university?
  2. Astroboy

    Astroboy 先輩

    Fukui is north of Kyoto, facing Sea of Japan. It is a rural area of Japan but famous for agriculture, typically paddy rice, as well as fishery industry. In summer, very hot and humid, but in winter very cold with lots of snow.

    It must be 100% different from Iraq, but it is good to see different world once in your life.
    Before coming to Japan, you must study some basic Japanese, otherwise you cannot enjoy daily life.

    Good luck.
  3. FiFo

    FiFo 先輩

    Thank you for the reply
    I don't know what you know about Iraq, but this pic:

    I think it kinds of proofs hat we don't live in a desert :eek:kashii:
    Anyways, I have two parts that I want to know about:
    1- University of Fukui:
    Does it have a good faculty? Good resources?
    Is it ultra-strict?
    Is its certificate attested around the world?
    How is the accommodation there?
    2- Life in Fukui:
    I'm so used to urban life. In fact, I'm living in the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the richest Middle East countries (Dubai, anyone?)
    I'm used to going around the malls, tourism sites and clubs with my car all week long. Like having wild parties and indulge in western culture thingies. ABSOLUTELY love gadgets. Do they have any gadget shops in Fukui?
    What about job opportunities?
    I know for a fact the I'm a PRO in my work (software development). I've been able to easily get a well paying job in the three countries I've lived in. Can I get a good part time job in Fukui?
    I'm not that guy that will work as a cashier or in customer service :geek:
    To some up everything, I want to say that I'm so extreme in whatever I do: work hard, study hard, and enjoy very very hard. Can I do that in Fukui?
  4. Astroboy

    Astroboy 先輩

    I have no idea. Please visit the website http://www.fukui-u.ac.jp/eng/

    I'm sure there must be shopping centers in Fukui or near Fukui univ., but must be smaller than Dubai Mall.
    Regarding job, you better focus on study at Fukui Univ. rather than part-time job. :)
  5. Ather

    Ather CizgiliPijama

    Yeah, you should improve your japanese before you go job-hunting, especially if you want a high-grade job :) Its somewhat hard to communicate with japanese in english :)
    #5 Ather, Sep 8, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2010
  6. ykk

    ykk Monbusho Stubborn Fighter

    good luck!!! =D
  7. FiFo

    FiFo 先輩

    I've already visited that website
    You are right
    What about bars, bands, and gadgets?
    What about the roads at night? Are they empty?
    Thanks for the advice
    I've been working since I was in secondary school. I've never had any problem in practicing both of them
    You are right. However, my job does not include a lot of interaction. I can always do software development from the house and have a very limited number of meetings.
    To be frank with you, I'm thinking of spending my life in Japan
    I could get a decent master degree here or in the UK, but the main reason I applied to the Monbukagakusho is that I really want to live and work there as a researcher
  8. FiFo

    FiFo 先輩

    come on
    you are the only kind people in the world that can give me those information

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