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what do Japanese people think about Chinese people?

Discussion in 'Japanese News & Hot Topics' started by Dream Time, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Dream Time

    Dream Time Sempai

    whether if you are Japanese or other ethnics,
    please write down your opinions,
    what do Japanese people think about Chinese people?

    I am Chinese
    the Japanese invaded China,and slaughtered and raped our people,and used our people for experiments of biological and chemical weapons.
    yet they refuse to apologize,
    they try to decline that they did it,the government don't even want their younger people to know about it (by changing the contents of the history textbooks)

    I've seen a numerous times,that the Japanese people call Chinese people 'pigs' , 'dogs',
    and just downgrade our people,and keep saying how much better is Japan than China.

    I've even heard that there is some course in Japanese University or college about 'how to invade China economically',it talks about things like selling Japanese products in China and stunt our economical growth and they get money from us.
    they also give out books in schools,talks about how good Japan is,how much it is a pride to be Japanese,
    and there is one quote,something like
    'no matter if you like wars or not,you have to fight for Japan,that is what a Japanese should do'

    and there are also some articles on the internet,
    talking about how Japan should conquer China...

    I like Japan, (and yes,I clearly know I am Chinese,and I am proud of it, I like Japan,not worship,I love China)
    but I hate their government and militarialism and some of their people who hates Chinese for some ridiculous reasons.
    some Japanese people even think we are 'weak' when the Chinese president Mo tells Japan that they do not have to pay for the damage they caused during the invation.

    I believe there are some Japanese people who would make friends with Chinese people,I've seen some.
    and there are some who feels guilty of what their country did.

    I admit,there are some Chinese people who hates Japanese,and wants to take revenge on Japan,but I am not one of them,I think the best way to settle things down,is for Japan to apologize and confest about the war crimes they've committed.
    and stop thinking about 'Japanese is superior to other ethnics'
  2. arnadstephen

    arnadstephen 先輩

    _) Let me point this out

    _) You can let the past, tear you up, and fester in your mind.

    _) You can become full of anger and hate.


    _) You can understand the past, and what drove it, but learn
    to make a life for yourself



  3. kinjo

    kinjo Sempai

    Dream Time,

    So what do i think about China.
    My best friend is Chinese!
    I actually think China is one of the coolest countries in the world.
    The people there work hard and are intelligent and i can identify myself more with asians in general.
    What i mean by this is i am interested in asian philosophy and i feel i can connect better to asians than fellow caucasions from the west.
    My best friend is Chinese and he is the funniest guy i ever met, though it took alot of effort to gain respect, because i am caucasion and ussually Chinese people get together and rarely let any caucasian people into their social environment.
    But that's ok, it's good for preservation of their culture and keeps new born Chinese people familiar with their roots and language.

    About the Japanese not wanting to appologize about their invasion.
    Well believe it or not, The Netherlands had a similar sort of problem with the Japanese.
    In WWII many Dutch people suffered in Japanese concentration camps, the victims who survived asked for an apology for 50 years.
    Last year this appology came and finally the victims could bury the past.
    But you must understand, that appologizing for a Japanese man is a hard thing to do, it's admitting you are wrong, it's showing humbleness to a past enemy, it's opening up to emotions you have put away really deep.

    But that being said, i also don't see China appologizing to Nepal.
    I had a Nepalese friend once and came often to his house, these people(the Nepalese) are the kindest, most gentle people ever.
    Like i cannot understand that Japan invaded China, i also cannot understand China invading Nepal.
    For both there is no excuse.

    But i try not to focus too much on those political issues when i meet Chinese, Japanese or Nepalese people, i judge them for who they are.
    So in my opinion most Chinese, Japanese and Nepalese get my utter most respect.

    Apart from that....i think China is the future, with the fastest growing economy in the world, the largest population/consumer market...and military(shiver).
    I don't think Japan would dare to invade China a second time hehe.

    But hey, no war is a good thing!
    So go China!! Go China!! :clap:
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  4. Dream Time

    Dream Time Sempai


    we all want to move forward
    but it is now really unfair to the people who were killed during the invasion, and those who suffered and survived.
    and it is important for the Japanese people to learn from the mistakes that they've made,the younger Japanese people are supposed to know about the history and learn about it,otherwise it is very harmful for the Japanese society and their future.
  5. Dream Time

    Dream Time Sempai

    Spirit Of Atlantis :

    I agree with you,that China didn't apologize to Nepal,
    but there is one thing,Chinese people do not look down on Nepalese,but some Japanese people do look down on Chines people.

    it is hard for a man to apologize for the mistakes they have made,but atleast you don't want to hate anyone

    people loving their own country,no problem,
    but thinking they are the 'superior ethnic' is a serious problem.

    some Japanese keeps talking about how much they afraid of their ranking in Asia being defeated by China,
    but think about it,if they apologized,things will become much better,breaking the huge wall between both countries and their people.

    and like what I've said on the previous reply,
    if they do not learn from the mistakes they have made,
    and the younger people don't even know the truth and thinks they are the 'superior ethnic',it is harmful for the Japanese society and their future,the Japanese government should think about this.
    I've heard from my friends and other Chinese on the internet,
    when they talked to some Japanese people about WW2,
    they don't even know that their country invaded us,
    they are being blinded by their government and the people who supports militarialism.

    if there are Japanese people who would like to make friend with me,I am more than welcomed,just like I've made some Korean friends in the past,but it seems like some Japanese people would put armors on when they see Chinese people.

    war,hate,are not the solutions,
    peace,love are the solutions.
  6. Dream Time

    Dream Time Sempai

    I listen to lots of Japanese bands (no,not the visual rock stuff) such as B'z,Concerto Moon...
    I love eating Japanese food since when I was little,
    and I like their culture stuff

    on the internet I've often met Japanese people,
    they do not mind when they acknowledge I am Chinese,and we had some nice talks,talk things like music
    there was one Japanese man,he was 30 something,and we've talked about stuff like music,comics and even the weather...
    I think they are very kind,and nice people

    I am happy to make friends with people of different ethnics

    this is not a racist thread,I just want to know what do they think about Chinese people~~~
  7. Anastasia

    Anastasia Canadian eh?

    One thing i agree with is that the past is the past what happened then is done with. the one thing about expecting an appology is that its hard to tell if its just empty words. I personally dont like war (my best friend is being sent to afghanistan) but its human nature to prove who is better its in our past and will most likely be in our future not everyone thinks the same way and agrees all the time thats why peace is something that may never happen. no matter how much some people want it there will be others who disagree. thats just the way the world works. **hope no one is offended its just my uneducated oppinion on the matter**
  8. kinjo

    kinjo Sempai

    Dream Time! You try telling that to the japanese! they dont want to know! doesnt fit in with their psudo anime play land.
    Japan also covers up the fact the in the island Saipan lots of civilians starved to death in jungle or jumped off cliffs whens the yanks turned up.
    maybe they are too embarressed. The German and italians are very different. They realise their past and move on with part of their education and history.

    But then again the UK has done lots of bad things, we would never be taught these in schools, so like the world is crooked.

    but like China is a nasty place on the 'tyranny scale' but lots of Chinese people tell me otherwise.

    meanwhile lots of Tibetans argue otherwise.

    its all karma!

    BUT! if you can make friends with people from any culture, and then break down the barriers between people. that is cool, and if I can have lots of friends anywhere in the world, then so can any one else, and maybe we can develop a culture of lots of fun and not people bitching about the past, and we can all set a good example for others to learn from.

    ganbarimashou ne!

  9. budd

    budd __________

    i have been to several parties for Vietnamese/Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese people
    i see competition for the karaoke machine
    but afaict, all a case-by-case basis
    but then again, i can't speak any of the above languages yet :)
  10. ryohazuki

    ryohazuki 後輩

    Dream Time,

    You shouldn't take anything personally. No matter what country your from people look down on others. It's sad I know but it's part of life.

    Just ignore those ignorant people because their not worth the time of day.

  11. kinjo

    kinjo Sempai

    Ryo, that is a good point, never take things personally!
  12. Angel of Ten

    Angel of Ten 後輩

    I think past should be left behind. No apology will bring back the dead or take away the pain. Even if they apologized, you would realize that nothing changed. Also, why do you spend so much time thinking about that? There are bad people everywhere, and if you look for them, you'll always find a reason to be unhappy.
  13. Gaki

    Gaki Emperor Gakihito

    You know i get sick of hearing about "how Japan invaded China" stuff....

    Japan wouldnt have been able to have invaded China so easily, if those stupid greedy Chinese people didnt sell-out their own people...

    Whether or not the youth of Japan look down on Chinese, i dont really know or care ~ I judge individuals for their actions.

    With that said, i know alot of Japanese people who respect Chinese people. I have two god-sisters who are Japanese, as well as many good friends.
  14. kinjo

    kinjo Sempai

    A long time ago a nasty japanese man was like

    "Kill em them all and let Japan's Shinto / Budda man upsairs god person sort em' all out."

    That is bad.

    meanwhile the People's REpublic of China said:
    "Kill em them all and let Chairman Mao's Utopia upstairs sort them out."

    meanwhile Hitler and Napolean killed most of Europe, and Winston Churchill wanted to Anthrax on the Germans.
    Luckily Churchill wasnt allowed too, as the war ended. Sadly the Americans dropped a big couple of bombs on Japan.
    Then Margret Thatcher our Queen went to war in the Falklands and we sank a boat and murdered 300 Argentine sailors.Luckily the end of the Falklands war caused wide spread revolt in Argentina and ousted the nasty goverment there. So like was it all worth it?
    Then we had 9/11 and that was interesting too watch on TV like just before Count Down, and on at 2 in the Afternoon, normally just boring TV, but it was a dissapointment. Oh god! Two plane shapped dents in the World Trade Centre! What could be a about to happen? Oh a plance hits the pentagon. A bit of a disappontment. Most of the Pentagon is still there! then the shoe bomber! They set their limit too high! And then they were underachieveing!
    nnonono! can bad people stop being horrid.

    The only good person is Tony Blair, He is cool, he plays the guitar!
    Saddam Hussain plays the bongos and George Bush plays the xylophone.
    Then like the do this free style poetry night at small jazz clubs in Amsterdam. I went to a nice jazz club in Amsterdam once, lots of nice free stlye musicans,no weed, or bad Amsterdam sterotypes, just creative europeans and their pointy old man facial hair.
    Very interesting.

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