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Thread: Day trips from Tokyo

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    Day trips from Tokyo

    Tokyo International Party

    I'm starting to plan my second trip to Japan, and am looking for some possible day trips from Tokyo. My trip will most likely be next April (I start planning early), in case the time of year makes any difference.

    It looks like Nikko and Kawagoe are easily done as day trips. What about Hakone or Matsumoto?

    Looks like it takes about 2:40 to get from Shinjuku to Matsumoto, so I'd be on a train for over 5 hours that day. Would the 5 hour round-trip be worth it, or is there enough to see in Matsumoto to make an overnight stay worthwhile?

    Getting from Shinjuku to Hakone seems much more reasonable at about 1:40 each way on the Odakyu line.

    Can anyone suggest any other day trips from Tokyo? (I spent a couple days in Kamakura when I went in 2008).

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    The plan of the day trip from Tokyo

    LOCATION: Tokiwa-cho, Mito-shi
    CONTACT: Kairakuen garden conrol center TEL:029-244-5454
    HOURS: 6:00 to 19:00 (February 20 to September 30)
    7:00 to 18:00 (October 1 to February 19)
    FEE: Main garden: free ( elementary and junior high school students: 100 JPY)
    Kobun-tei: 190 JPY
    CLOSING: No closing days
    ACCESS: 15 minutes by bus from Mito station .

    It is one hour 12 minutes by a limited express train from Ueno Station to Mito Station.

    If you watch a cherry tree for the end of April,
    Trip to Tohoku is good.
    The Shinkansen is less than two hours from Tokyo to Sendai.
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    Arigatou gozaimasu, Nagashima-san.

    I hadn't thought about Sendai. It looks like there is enough to see there (and in Matsushima) to actually spend a couple days. I'll add it to the list of possible places to visit.
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    aPRIL 10

    Jason, I am going to be in Tokyo April 10. Do you want to get together? Its my first time in Japan. Let me know
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    Kanagawa-ken is right next to Tokyo and has some interesting sights.

    You've been to Kamakura, but you could also check out Yokohama - the second most populated city in Japan. There's an unusually clean Chinatown there (Chukagai) and the famous Motomachi shopping area is right next door. There's also a small amusement park in the Minatomirai waterfront area.

    There are some other historical sites related to Perry and the Black Ships in the nearby areas.

    You could also make a day trip to Mt. Fuji. April is too early for climbing, but the Fuji Five Lakes area is beautiful and there are many hikes and spots to camp.
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    I may actually make Yokohama the first stop on my trip. I would love to get some pictures of the skyline at night, but I'm not sure how late I'll be able to stay up the first couple nights off the plane.

    What's the weather and temperature like in the Five Lakes region this time of year?

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    Thank you all for the replies. I'm also planning to visit Japan this September and this forum helped a lot.

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