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By JREF · Oct 25, 2011 · ·
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    Common Japanese Phrases

    This is an ever-growing collection of common and useful Japanese phrases. They aim at beginners of Japanese studies, travellers to Japan, and foreign residents alike. Each phrase includes the Japanese transcription and pronunciation.

    If you have any questions, please post them to our forum or leave a comment below.


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  1. Guest

  2. Guest
    Japanese language is not easy to master

    Marc Guo
  3. Guest
    It’s hard for me to speak Japanese .. but I really want to learn..

  4. Guest
    Thanks this website helps a lot! <3

  5. Guest
    thankz 4 ds page. .it helps a lot. . i really love to speak japanese fluently. . . !

    Eugene Sarona
  6. Guest
    I know how to speak japanese.

  7. Guest
    Thanks, it’ll come in handy!

    1. Guest
      Ryuuzaki hi. I looked up ありがとうごうざいます! And it means Thank you I’m annoying! I think you meant ありがとうございます! which means Thank you!

  8. Guest
    Teach me japanese its my favorite or I want to speak japanese.

    rohan sawdekar
  9. Guest
    pLs heLp me Learn more japanese Language..
    arigato :*

    Nurhaima Jarani
  10. Guest
    I want to learn japanese.. its my favorite language..

    Shanza Macarampat Han Jingshu
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