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    Below find a list of the most common Japanese greetings (挨拶 aisatsu).

    Greeting and Parting

    Good morning.おはよう。Ohayō.
    Good evening.こんばんはKonbanwa.
    Good night.お休みなさいOyasumi nasai.
    What's up?何かあった?Nanika atta?
    How's everything?どうしてる?Dō shiteru?
    What's new?変わったことある?Kawatta koto aru?
    I'm back (home).ただいまTadaima.
    Welcome home.おかえりなさい。Okaerinasai.
    I'm leaving.いってきます。Ittekimasu.
    Good bye.さようなら。Sayōnara.
    See you.では、また。Dewa mata.
    -じゃね。Ja ne.
    -またね。Mata ne.
    Take care.気をつけて。Ki (w)o tsukete.
    See you again.また会いましょう。Mata aimashō.
    Please to meet you.どうぞよろしく。Dōzo yoroshiku.


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    Sugoi! :emoji_smile:

    Ivan Petkov
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    Beau Beck
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    Janine Cabuñalda
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      konnichiwa dewa matta

      Jay jorlan mojar
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    Konnichiva watasiva Tuon Vuth desu.

    Tuon Vuth
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    Wicked, add more! ^^

    Jay Jen'jidai
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    This is awesome…more resources! :emoji_smile:

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      Thanks Wesley, we are definitely going to expand that section soon!
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