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By Hiroto Uehara · May 8, 2018 ·
  1. Hiroto Uehara
    Nagahama Castle (長浜城 Nagahama-jō) is located on the southern edge of Numazu City in Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture). The hilltop castle was a naval base built in 1579 by the Late Hōjō.


    After the invasion of Suruga (modern-day Shizuoka) in 1569, the Takeda finally had access to the sea and immediately started to build up naval forces they could deploy against the Hōjō in the east and the forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the west. The Hōjō constructed Nagahama Castle to confront the Takeda navy. The site was ideal, as it was located in a secluded bay with deep water that also allowed larger ships like the "Atake-bune" (a warship in Sengoku Period) to anchor. The castle faces Uchiura Bay located at the base of Izu Peninsula, while the front of the bay is protected by Awashima Island.

    The map was based on Google Earth. *the location of enclosures or others are my speculation, so they may not be correct.


    I took prefectural Route 17 from Numazu to the site of Nagahama Castle. The parking lot was quite difficult to find. Soon after passing the village of Nagahama, you should turn right at the sign of the Nagahama Fishing Center just before the castle site.


    This was a well-maintained restroom next to the parking lot.


    I went up the stairs from here.


    Enclosures were arranged along the L-shaped ridge.



    The restored bridge built between the first and the second enclosure. Uchiura Bay is visible in the background.


    The enclosures were dropping off towards the sea.


    Then I went down to the beach. Warships would had anchored here in the Sengoku Period.


    Date of visit: 30th June 2013

    Access Information
    • Address: Uchiura-nagahama, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka  Map
    • Transportation: Shiroshita bus stop by Numazu-Tozan Tokai Bus from JR Tokaido line Numazu station bound for Oze Misaki, 7km from Izu Chuo Road Nagaoka-kita IC via Prefectural Route 17


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    Hiroto Uehara
    Hiroto is an ordinary Japanese office worker, but his true mission is searching for castles on the weekend.

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