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    Useful phrases related to expressing time (時間 jikan) in Japanese.


    What's the time now?
    Ima nan-ji desuka?

    How long does it take?
    Donokurai kakarimasuka?

    At 2 o'clock sharp.
    2-ji chōdo ni

    Temporal prepositions

    • About: about 2 hours (約2時間 yaku 2-jikan)
    • After: after 10 minutes (10分後 10-fun go)
    • Ago: 5 minutes ago (5分前 5-fun mae)
    • Around: around 6 o'clock (6時頃に 6-ji goro ni)
    • At: at 4 o'clock (4時に 4-ji ni)

    Time units

    Hours (時 ji)

    0時 (零時)rē-ji0 hours
    1時 (一時)ichi-ji1 o'clock
    2時 (二時)ni-ji2 o'clock
    3時 (三時)san-ji3 o'clock
    4時 (四時)yo-ji4 o'clock
    5時 (五時)go-ji5 o'clock
    6時 (六時)roku-ji6 o'clock
    7時 (七時)shichi-ji7 o'clock
    8時 (八時)hachi-ji8 o'clock
    9時 (九時)ku-ji9 o'clock
    10時 (十時)jū-ji10 o'clock
    11時 (十一時)jūichi-ji11 o'clock
    12時 (十二時)jūni-ji12 o'clock
    何時nan-jiWhat time?
    Minutes (分 fun)

    0分 (〇分) rēfun / zerofun 0 minutes
    1分 (一分) ippun 1 minute past
    2分 (二分) nifun 2 minutes past
    3分 (三分) sanpun 3 minutes past
    4分 (四分) yonpun 4 minutes past
    5分 (五分) gofun 5 minutes past
    6分 (六分) roppun 6 minutes past
    7分 (七分) nanafun 7 minutes past
    8分 (八分) happun 8 minutes past
    9分 (九分) kyūfun 9 minutes past
    10分 (一〇分) juppun 10 minutes past
    11分 (一一分) jūippun 11 minutes past
    20分 (二〇分) nijuppun 20 minutes past
    23分 (二三分) nijūsanpun 23 minutes past
    30分 (三〇分) sanjuppun 30 minutes past
    35分 (三五分) sanjūgofun 35 minutes past
    40分 (四〇分) yonjuppun 40 minutes past
    47分 (四七分) yonjūnanafun 47 minutes past
    50分 (五〇分) gojuppun 50 minutes past
    59分 (五九分) gojūkyūfun 59 minutes past
    han half past
    何分 nanpun How many minutes?
    Seconds (秒 byō)

    0秒zerobyō / rēbyō0 seconds
    1秒ichibyō1 second
    2秒nibyō2 seconds
    3秒sanbyō3 seconds
    4秒yonbyō4 seconds
    5秒gobyō5 seconds
    6秒rokubyō6 seconds
    7秒nanabyō7 seconds
    8秒hachibyō8 seconds
    9秒kyubyō9 seconds
    10秒jūbyō10 seconds
    0.1秒rēten ichibyō0.1 seconds
    0.02秒rēten zeronibyō0.02 seconds
    何秒nanbyōHow many seconds?
    Duration (期間 kikan)

    2時間 nijikan 2 hours
    10分間 juppunkan 10 minutes
    3秒間 sanbyōkan 3 seconds
    何時間 nanjikan How many hours?
    何分間 nanpunkan How many minutes?
    何秒間 nanbyōkan How many seconds?

    5:30 am
    gozen goji sanjūppun / gozen goji han

    8:20 pm
    gogo hachiji nijuppun

    shichiji yonjūippun

    12 o/clock (noon)
    gogo jūni-ji / shōgo

    12 o'clock (midnight)
    gozen rēji
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