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By JREF · Oct 25, 2011 · ·
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    Below find a concise list of useful phrases and expressions you can use when travelling in Japan.

    Thank you (informal)ありがとう。Arigatō.
    Thank you (more formal)ありがとうございます。Arigatō gozaimasu.
    Thanks for your help.お世話になりました。Osewa ni narimashita.
    Pleaseお願いします。Onegai shimasu.
    You are welcome.どういたしまして。Dō itashimashite.
    Excuse me.すみません。Sumimasen.
    I am sorry.ごめんなさい。Gomen nasai.
    Excuse me (lit. "Allow me to bother you").失礼します。Shitsurei shimasu.
    Please, after you.どうぞ。Dōzo.
    Wait a moment, please.ちょっと待ってください。Chotto matte kudasai.
    Wait a moment (more polite).少々お待ち下さい。Shōshō o-machi kudasai.
    Sorry to disturb (said when entering a house).おじゃまします。Ojama shimasu.


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  1. Guest
    I want to learn more Japanese.

  2. Guest
    It is a every useful Japanese site.

    Saeed Hamidi
  3. Guest
    Dare ka, eigo ga hanasemasu ka?

    Karai Souji
  4. Guest
    wakarimashta ..
    arigatou gozaimasu ..

    Sheldon Villasand
  5. Guest
    sugoi . . . .

    Asinej Canoy
  6. Guest
    Sugoi desu ne

    Dharendra Pathak
  7. Guest
    maitry nga..

    Michael Ylagan
  8. Guest
    Nice… Learned a lot.

    Kenn Walther Anyayahan
  9. Guest
    very helpful! =]

    Estephania Campos
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