から Vs に Vs へ Vs まで Part 4 (perfect Score)

By Zizka · Jul 21, 2018 ·
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    This is a follow up to my two previous entries about the four particles. This time I'll be doing from #16 to #20. I just realized I forgot to use an image for my last few blogs. Sorry about that.
    Exercise #16 to 20:
    #16. 果物屋「①」行ったら、バナナがとても安かった「②からおやつ「③」買ってきた。
    ①に:「果物屋」is a place. It's the place where the person went (行ったら). Indicates the destination of an action.
    から:an adjective precedes the particle (安かった), it's therefore the reason/cause. The person bought bananas for a snack because they were so cheap.

    ③「おやつ」refers to a snack, it's not a reason or a place.
    I think it's に but I'm not sure why.

    #17. とても暑い日だった「①から」、わたしは六時「②まで」涼しいオフィス「③
    からa reason.
    に:indicates where s.t. or s.o. exists.

    #18. 浜田さんは、六十っ歳「①まで」銀行「②」勤めました「③から」退職しました。
    に:I think this is the case of a particle to indicate where s.o. exists just like when you say that someone lives somewhere.
    から:reason why he is retiring.

    #19. わたしは、生まれて「①から」今「②まで」スキーしたことがありません。
    this is an expression as in "since the day I was born up to now."

    #20. この宿題は、いつ「①まで」「②に」出さなければなりませんか?
    ②:In other words, "until when" to hand out the homework.


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