10 reasons why you will fall in love with Japan

By VictoriaG · Jun 9, 2017 ·
  1. Finally the awaited time of the year is here. It is time to travel! Are you in the middle of planning your summer vacation? Although traveling can be a fun experience the lists of locations can be overwhelming and endless. Stop wasting your time. Japan is the place you want to be during your vacation travels. Japan has a wide variety of appeal that far outweighs other destinations. Listed are 10 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Japan. These are just a few of many factors that make Japan great.



    People in Japan are considered extremely polite and friendly. Residents of Japan are known for being accommodating. Residents of Japan will certainly make a traveler fall in love with Japan.



    Japan is also well-known for cuisine. Some popular dishes include: sushi, ramen, yakitori (charcoal grilled chicken), tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), okonomiyaki (pancakes filled with a variety of foods), Shabu-Shabu (thin slices or beef or pork), soba (noodles), tempura (deep-fried seafood and vegetables), and unagi (charcoal grilled eel). These dishes are worth trying when in Japan and are one of many reasons why vacationers fall in love with Japan.

    Mount Koya

    Photo: Christopher Chan

    For vacationers interested in spirituality or history, residing in temple lodging at Mount Koya could be an insightful experience. While staying at Mount Koya an individual will live like a monk. This is an experience that will allow a traveler to deviate from a dull typical routine enabling him/her to have a better understanding of a different way of life.



    Feast your eyes on Kenrokuen Garden, one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan. This garden contains many visually stimulating images including trees, flowers, and an artificial pond; it is a scene you will fall in love with while in Japan. Kenrokuen meaning “having six factors” contains the six factors essential for an ideal garden: spaciousness, tranquility, artifice, water sources, and a magnificent view.

    Mount Fuji


    An aspect of Japan worth boasting about is Mount Fuji. The amazing site is Japan's highest mountain. Mount Fuji can be appreciated by all; for individuals more involved in outdoor exercise Mount Fuji provides a promising chance to work muscles while using climbing gear.

    The Blue Pond


    Another attraction worth visiting in Japan is The Blue Pond; tourists all over the world fall in love with the beauty of this man-made creation. The Blue Pond is an unnatural bright blue that creates a feel of whimsy and enchantment. This is a must see location for tourists visiting Japan.

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park


    One of the best sites in Japan to visit is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This historical site visited by numerous tourists is a place of reverence for those deceased and a symbol of peace.



    Japan features many lively festivals that will make you fall in love. A few famous Japanese festivals are: (the largest traditional dance festival) Awa Odori,(a dance festival based on an old folk song) Kochi Yosaki, and (one of the most famous festival with floats) Gion Matsuri.



    Japan is known for being an advanced culture; this includes the Japanese technology. Japanese technology includes innovations of robotics and other tech savvy tools. The technological devices in Japan are one of the most alluring aspects of the Japanese culture.

    Arashiyama’s Path of Bamboo


    If the nine attractions above do not cause you to fall in love with Japan, the number 1 attraction certainly will; ranking at number 1 is arguably the most beautiful site in the world, Arashiyama's Path of Bamboo. Walking into this location is like walking into a portal. This serene location will unquestionably pull at your heart strings.

    During your vacation season keep Japan in mind. It is a location worth visiting; once immersed in the Japanese culture you will fall in love.

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