1. Introduction
    In my previous attempt at a JLPT 5 I encountered a verb I wasn't familiar with yet: 渡す /
    わたす: to hand over.
    Vocabulary (from last time)
    渡す / わたす: v. to hand over
    椅子 / いす:chair
    本棚 / ほんだな:bookshelf
    I think there are only three from last time. This is understandable considering that the JLPT 5 is restricted and I'll eventually be familiar with all words.
    I figured I'd approach this text by little chunks as opposed to tackling the whole thing as a whole.
    Last evening, I worked until very late. I was very tired. After my work, I came back on the electric train.
    I had to look 「おそく」as I didn't know what it meant (something I wouldn't be able to do in a testing situation I would think). 「おそく」means late. So that's another one for the bank.
    The train arrived at the train station near my house. I got off the train at the train station near my house.
    Here I made a mistake with 「おりました」as I confused it with "finish".
    Outside it was raining.
    I didn't have an umbrella.

    I'm not sure about this one, I guessed that 「かさ」meant "umbrella" so I looked it up. I was right but that's something I guessed from the context.
    I also didn't know what 「こまりました」and had to look it up. I recognized the kanji but wasn't aware that was the corresponding kana reading. That's a lot of new words for me in this excerpt.
    It was troublesome.
    I saw someone at the train station and said: "Can I go under the umbrella?"

    I guessed what the speaker said. I didn't recognize 「はこ」but I thought it meant box. I looked it up and it confirmed I was right. So I was wrong with my translation:
    I saw a person at the train station. He said: "Please use an umbrella in this box".
    As for the last sentence:
    There were 3 umbrellas left.
    The 「本」likely played the role of a counter word.
    I said: "That's good, isn't." and I opened one (?). I asked.
    I made a mistake. I mistook 「開ける」with 「聞く」.
    The person at the train station said: those are all the umbrellas I have.
    For the last sentence, I figured it's something along the lines of :
    I didn't have any money.
    "Buy it tomorrow from this box please" the person at the train station said.

    I made a mistake about the verb here again. It was 返して;返す / かえ.す to return. So the right translation would be:
    "Bring it back in this box tomorrow please." said the person at the train station.
    I said: "I understand. Thank you very much". I returned the borrowed umbrella.

    I'm unsure about the last part.
    Comments (30):

    Why was it troublesome for the reader?
    I would say the right answer is (4), he didn't have an umbrella.
    Comments (31):

    What did the speaker do the next day.
    The right answer is (1). He put back the umbrella in the box.


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