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    Ever since I was 10 years old I decided that I wanted to go to Japan one day. Japan was the mysterious country with the great temples, unknown language and beautiful kimonos which I knew through their music. I started out with Visual Kei and gradually shifted my attention towards other music genres, eventually developing a full blown crush on the culture and history of the country as well. Two years ago I got the opportunity to visit Tokyo with my school to see the difference between communication styles in Japan and Europe. I jumped at the chance, excited to be finally going to Japan. Now, two years later, I’ve just returned from a four week trip which was the second time I visited Japan. I would love to share my experiences, insights and tips through a series #101 about Japan, visiting Tokyo and exploring this beautiful city.


    About Author

    はじめまして! I have always had a passion for stories. Now that I have had the opportunity to explore Japan and not only experience but also tell stories myself through my camera, I'd like to share my tips, experiences and ideas with others.
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