That's Not How You Learn Japanese!

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    Welcome to what I'm going to call... THAT'S NOT HOW YOU LEARN JAPANESE!

    The idea is to associate Japanese words with English context, similar to how a person might learn a more complicated word by looking at the simply-phrased sentence where the word is used. I may also make other associations between Japanese words to show how they're related.

    I'm doing this more for my benefit, but if it helps anyone else who is learning Japanese, I'll be glad to hear it.

    Thanks for reading!

    About Author

    Luna is what happens when you take a girl who loves staring at the moon, and you sit her down in front of an animated program that features a princess from the moon who fights evil at night. Doing such things leads to the exposure to Japanese music, and an overall curiosity of Japanese culture. Do not leave Luna unattended in a Japanese supermarket. Luna is a geek with eclectic tastes, is in the SuperWhoLock fandom, plays D&D, and is rather picky when choosing video games to play.
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