1. This is by no means a paid product endorsement, but rather the result of a year-long quest to find a user-friendly, expandable and possibly free script to catalogue home libraries. I'd originally planned to install an archive script on our server, but then fortunately found Libib. Libib [ləbib] is a web-based library application that offers free and paid accounts. The paid version ("Libib Pro") is aimed at full-fledged libraries and starts at a moderate monthly fee of 5,00 USD. For home users the free Libib Standard version is more than sufficient.


    • Catalog of up to 100,000 items
    • Cloud sync
    • Mobile app (iOS and Android)
    • Statistics
    • Connect and share with others
    • Publish a list of your items
    • Create online reviews
    • Import / export your collection (CSV)
    • Keep detailed notes
    • Tagging, grouping, basic editing

    What comes in really handy is the fact that you can use Libib across most platforms. I'm using their Windows and iOS applications. The latter allows you to scan titles via ISBN bar code; pre-ISBN titles (books published before 1970) can be entered manually.

    iOS screenshot:

    You can enter up to 100,000 books in the standard version and set up as many as 100 libraries that can be accessed online via a subdomain of your choice. I use it mainly to catalogue my Japan-related library (in order to avoid purchasing the same book twice, as has happened several times :emoji_flushed:):

    My Japan Library

    If you wish to leave Libib or to migrate to another platform you can download your library to a CSV file via the control panel. Individual libraries ("standard version") cannot be re-imported though.

    All in all: highly recommended! :emoji_thumbsup:

    FAQ: Faqs - Libib.com


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