1. Busy day in Tottori. We visited:
    • The dunes
    • the Sand Museum
    • the Tottori Castle Ruins
    • the Ikeda clan graves
    • Iwami to join a boat tour
    • the Hakuto Shrine

    The famous dunes of Tottori, Japan’s very own desert.

    You can dress up in a localised Bedouin costume and ride on camels and dromedaries. Or mount one and have your photo taken.

    The Sand Museum nearby has annual exhibitions in different regions and countries. In 2018, the Nordic Countries are presented in sand.

    More pics on our FB page:

    In Iwami, some 15km east of Tottori City, you can take boat tours around the rugged cliffs and enjoy the turquoise waters. Highly recommended!

    Just west of Tottori City: Hakuto Shrine, where Inaba no Shirousage, the White Hare of Inaba, was saved by Ōnamuchi-no-kami. Wonderful Italian dinner in the otherwise deserted main street of Tottori concluded a long and eventful day.
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