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  1. The Russian version of the Kanji Site and more; all kanji for JLPT to learn, memorize, play and enjoy; Russian-Japanese Kanji Dictionary.---
  2. Independent non-profit center for teaching and research under the governance of the Hattori Foundation. The Aichi Center for Japanese is of---
  3. Entry requirements for individual departments of Japanese universities and graduate schools. Includes search engine, browse by various---
  4. Learn Japanese while having fun! Kanji, grammar, culture and much more for free---
  5. This is a free, easy way to learn Japanese online. There's vocabulary, grammar lessons, songs, and much more.---

NEW Links

  1. Pacific Boeki is a used Japanese car dealers that deals in second hand Japanese cars.---
  2. The Tokyo Station Hotel is located in the central of Marunouchi Tokyo, directly connected to JR Tokyo Station. This iconic luxury hotel near Tokyo Station has over 100 years of history, offering hotel rooms, suites and meeting rooms for business and leisure traveler.---
  3. Shinto related photographs, maintained by the Shinto Online Network Association.---
  4. Green Shinto is a blog by John Dougill operating out of Kyoto, Japan, which is dedicated to the promotion of an open, international and environmental Shinto. It seeks to celebrate the rich heritage of the tradition, from sacred rocks and shamanistic roots to bawdy myths and fertility festivals. It believes Shinto to be essentially diverse, localised and community oriented. It looks to a Shinto free of borders, liberated from its past to meet the demands of a new age. It looks in short to a Shinto that is green in deed as well as in word.---
  5. The international comedy podcast: with a mix of news, interviews, chat, songs, and live stand up comedy, this is the podcast that you've been waiting for. Kind of. Even if you didn't know you were waiting for it. John, Yorkshire, and Sam, Surrey, are both from England, but have lived in Japan for, well, for a long time.The show is broadcast from Japan, but focuses on goings on from around the world. With their experience gained from performing on the Tokyo comedy circuit John and Sam will educate, enlighten, and probably be a little bit silly.---

Trending Links

  1. Open Data Network (in Japanese and English)---
  2. Itochu Techno-Science Corporation (in Japanese and English)---
  3. General information, campus tour, database.---
  4. The Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics is an academic society whose mission is to elucidate, realize and apply from---
  5. Another mail order American Grocery Store in Japan, allowing the direct import of over 40.000 items from the U.S.---