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  1. Independent non-profit center for teaching and research under the governance of the Hattori Foundation. The Aichi Center for Japanese is of---
  2. Benri Nihongo is a Japanese Language Trainer for non-native speakers of Japanese in Hong Kong.---
  3. The Shinanomachi English LOFT of the Niigata English School LOFT has the longest continual record of English services in our service area.---
  4. Language School in currently three locations, Itami, Tsukaguchi, Nishinomiya.---
  5. Professional & private English lessons in Tokyo by friendly and well trained native speakers; free trial lesson, no joining fee.---

NEW Links

  1. Japanese language classes in Fukuoka, internship programs, events.---
  2. Database of language schools throughout Japan which lets students search by location, course type, and other criteria.---
  3. Offers Japanese language education to foreigners living in Japan.---
  4. Japanese courses for foreigners in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture; special courses involve Course formative for those who desire to go on to study in Japanese universities and career colleges as well as certification courses for the nursing diploma.---
  5. Our school is accredited by the Immigration Bureau as an Excellent School and Approved by Association for the Promotion of Japanese We---

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  1. Info source for getting started teaching English in Japan. Job listings, apartment, visa and passport information. Japanese culture and &---
  2. Translation, interpreting in English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. Conference organizing,---
  3. Language School in currently three locations, Itami, Tsukaguchi, Nishinomiya.---
  4. One to one English lessons in Kanto and Kansai---
  5. Foreign language one-to-one lessons in Japan.---
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