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  1. Two travelogues from a Finn who visited Japan in November 2002 and March 2004.---
  2. Yuu's homepage, dealing with San Diego where she is living, with kindergarten, where she is working at and with international marriage and---
  3. Peep it! (popups)---
  4. Mount Fuji, Japan motorcycle touring and hiking. General motorcycle touring in Japan. Europe trips with Japanese friends. German and---
  5. Lots of photos and and own drawings; Japanese weekend school, galleries, guestbook (popups)---

NEW Links

  1. Patricia Yarrow's ongoing monogatari (story) in Japan: 1999-2008.---
  2. My wife and I created this website to share our experience of living in Japan and going to school. We also help create courses on Memrise for our studies in school which are also helping our classmates pass their tests. Living abroad in Japan can be exciting but also difficult at times, this is the reason we created Nihon Scope. We also share our tourism experiences while in Japan to give you some ideas of where to check out that are off the beaten path.---
  3. Jonathan's photo page with pictures from Japan starting in 2006.---
  4. David Pavlina's personal website: blog, Japanatron podcast, IT news.---
  5. A long time Japanophile, Chris Glenn first came to Japan in 1985 as a Rotary Exchange Student. On his return to Australia in 1986, he commenced working as a radio DJ. In 1992 he returned to Japan, where he remained working in radio, TV and as a newspaper columnist and writer.---

Trending Links

  1. A compilation of short essays of observations and experiences from a long-term expat, ranging from serious to humorous.---
  2. Gives personal profile, contacts with international friends and law school classmates, and collection of legal resources.---
  3. Photo essays, Japan on the Bike in 24 days, Japanese Pizza, Kana Sensei---
  4. Nice collection of articles of someone whose life has always focused on Japan---
  5. Information on life in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan.---
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