Traditional Arts

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  1. All you need for your bonsai: forum, free monthly newsletter, articles by tree, on-line shop, etc.---
  2. Contemporary Flower Arrangements - Ikebana: courses, demonstrations, vases and materials.---
  3. Spanish website about Bonsai, with forums, galleries, articles, exhibitions, chat...---
  4. Online auctions of Ukiyo-e - Japanese prints, galleries and forum on Japanese art.---
  5. We introduce contemporary fine Japanese traditional sophisticated crafts (Arita, Imari): Japanese porcelains and Hakata doll. Handmade by---

NEW Links

  1. Tina Koyama's blog on Japanese arts, crafts and architecture.---
  2. A website about Japanese Hanko seals and other aspects of Japanese art and culture.---
  3. A network of information about Noritake backmarks, patterns, porcelain production, care and management and an overview of the history behind Nippon Toki Kaisha Limited.---
  4. Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Collectors' help and information page and discussion board.---
  5. Georges Bouvier's website promotes Kutani ceramics and is a homage to all generations of artists who have developed Kutani ceramics since more than 350 years.---

Trending Links

  1. Gallery specializing in the sale of authentic Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e); located in Phoenix, AZ---
  2. Specializing in Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints, modern prints and other fine Japanese antiques.---
  3. Historical development of the Noh theater, with an emphasis on the dance elements.---
  4. Tina Koyama's blog on Japanese arts, crafts and architecture.---
  5. The first publication in Japan of unexpurgated editions of ukiyo-e shunga (means pictures in spring) masterpieces edited by acknowledged in---
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