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Am I able to get a student visa?

Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by Bishal, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Bishal

    Bishal Registered

    I want idea !
    4 years ago i had applied japanese collage as a student visa. I got COE letter but i cancled my plan to go japan. I didn't go japanese imigration for the interview. I didn't pay any penalty charges. I lost my all original documents. Now i want to apply again to go japan, am i able to get visa? Immigration will give me permission to go?
  2. Glenski

    Glenski Just me

    Of course, nobody here works for immigration, so we don't really have that knowledge. I'd say offhand that you have about the same chance as last time, as long as the circumstances are the same.

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