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Discussion in 'All Things Japanese' started by nedkelly, Apr 25, 2018.

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    I have an excellent book, 3000 Chinese-Japanese Characters in their Printed and Written Forms / by Arthur Rose-Innes, published in 1918. I would like to praise it further but my question today is:
    Can anyone shed light on or give me a biographical reference to Arthur Rose-Innes?
    I have googled and amazoned extensively but whilst there is much information on his books I can find nothing about his life.
    Thank you for any leads.
  2. joadbres

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    It might be difficult to find any biographical information for him.

    From a very quick search, the only thing I could find was here (at the bottom of the page):
    Arthur Rose-Innes | LibraryThing

    I browsed through a copy of one of his books available for free online, but there was no biographical information included, as was probably the case for most books published in his time.
  3. thomas

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    As @joadbres has already pointed out there seems to be no biographical information on Arthur Rose-Innes available on the net. This Hungarian-language page discusses his translation of Japanese tales (Japán mesék, Budapest 1943) with the reviewer deploring the fact that he couldn't find anything on Mr Rose-Innes.

    @nedkelly , it would be great if you could add a review to our section on language books.
  4. nedkelly

    nedkelly 後輩

    Thank you. I will give thought to a review.

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