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Feedback Asking For Help In Translating Insults, Swear Words & Other Dirty Languages

Discussion in 'Support, Feedback, FAQs' started by D.EVILGOD, Mar 20, 2017.


    D.EVILGOD Kouhai

    Hello Mods,

    Is It Appropriate For Me To Ask For Help In Translating Insults, Swear Words & Other Dirty Words Into Japanese Words?

  2. Uncle Frank

    Uncle Frank SECURITY-you SPAM/we BAN
    Staff Member Admin

    Prefer you not . Pick up a hooker or go to an underground bar , probably find good instruction there , but we like JREF to be family friendly.
  3. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    ^ What Frank said. Not in public please.
  4. SomeCallMeChris

    Honestly, there are any number of books on this topic, just search amazon for 'dirty japanese' or 'japanese slang' or 'street japanese', etc, etc.

    In any case, Japanese 'insults' and 'cussing' tend to sound extremely mild if translated literally and are only offensive if you are thoroughly versed in Japanese culture, with a handful of exceptions. Most of the straightforward derogatory terms are just childish insults, you have to be more subtle to be really cutting.

    Explicit bedroom talk is another matter, and is pretty much the same as any other language with a range of terms in varying levels of bluntness, and 'adult' sounding versus 'childish' sounding terms for various body parts and acts that combine them.

    In any case, pretty much everything is documented in the EDICT database (the japanese-english dictionary data maintained by wwwjdic.com, and used by most free japanese-english dictionary apps), so if you actually come across any of these terms they're easy enough to look up the meaning of. (They're actually included to a somewhat distracting degree; some phrases that are perfectly normal and common *can* have another meaning in the right context.)

    The upshot of which is, if you're trying to understand explicit material, there's no problem with looking it up just like any other term you might look up in the dictionary. Takes away some of the taboo nature of such language, but such is life!

    PS: Not a mod, just trying to point the OP in the right direction without exposing anyone to said rough language.
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  5. madphysicist

    madphysicist 先輩

    Yeah it happens to me quite often that I'm looking up an innocent term on the jisho website and it comes up with an unnecessarily dirty example sentence : / Could be very awkward in certain circumstances.

    Certainly there are a lot of blogs and websites covering Japanese insults and swear words in as much as they exist, so shouldn't be difficult to find this info at all.
  6. SomeCallMeChris

    Heh, yeah. There is a 'vulg' tag for vulgar terms though, and at least some apps let you exclude those definitions, although I don't see offhand a way to do that on wwwjdic or jisho.
  7. mdchachi

    mdchachi 先輩
    Staff Member

    It's really not appropriate for you to ask for help with anything until we help you solve your improper use of capitalization.

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