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Avex star search 2016

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by PeejayKosuda, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. PeejayKosuda

    PeejayKosuda Registered

    Last month, I sent a demo to avex star search. I still don't know what coming next. I was wondering what to do next or what will happen if I get accepted. I need some advice. Please help me! Thank you.
  2. Toritoribe

    Toritoribe 松葉解禁
    Staff Member Moderator

    エイベックス・オーディション - よくあるご質問

    They make contact only with successful applicants basically within one month after the demo reached them. It may take several months depending on the situation. They don't accept the applicants to ask about the selection result, so all you can do is to wait their mail or something. (It's not written how they make contact with you.)

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