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Discussion in 'Japanese Music' started by HatEmU, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. HatEmU

    HatEmU Registered

    I'm really into Rap music and I'm Arabian, first off all, but Arab Rap is in a trashy and non-original state right now so I listen to American Rap and since I'm trying to learn Japanese (I love this language!) I would like to get into J-Rap. I know of the rapper KOHH because he's been blowing up recently and been doing features with American rappers but I don't know any other Japanese rapper that is as good as him and I would love your suggestions.

    A little side note: I know that Rap isn't the best way to learn the language since they're using cuss words and a lot of "ore wa"'s but I really would love to be knowledgeable on the topics of slang words, puns and wordplay because I like these nerdy things.
  2. Jack Wolfe

    Jack Wolfe 後輩

    Salu is my personal favorite.

    Some others:

    Rip slyme
    Creepy nuts

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