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    Hi. I was wondering if anybody would know where in Osaka or Kyoto I can buy good amazake. The one I buy in my usual supermarket is OK but I have a real craving for the 'unfiltered' kind in which you can actually find bits of rice (I only had it once in one of the tea-shops at Kiyomizudera and it was delicious)

    Kind of the like the one in this picture: [​IMG]
  2. You can buy Amazake in the liquor shop.
    "kouji-ya" will be good if you buy good Amzake .

    "麹 (koji)" Fermentation starter - Wikipedia
    Koji shop in Kyoto
    "Osaka-ya kouji ten"
    店舗のご案内 − 三条神宮道店 | 創業寛永年間、こうじ(糀・麹)、味噌、甘酒、もろみの製造・販売【大阪屋こうじ店】
    "Hishiroku moyashi"

    Amazake can be made at home.
    Amazake (Fermented Japanese Rice Drink) 甘酒 • Just One Cookbook

    I put Amazake in soymilk and warm it and drink it.
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