Cheapest way to get out of Japan and get back in?

Discussion in 'Japan Practical' started by vu7, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. vu7

    vu7 Kouhai

    Hi there, is the Shimonoseki ferry line the cheapest way to do visa hops?
  2. Made in Japan

    Made in Japan Kouhai

    Nobody's replying so I'll give a crack at it.

    No mention of destination so I'll just give an example for Shimonoseki to Busan (Korea).

    Below is the web page of the Shimonoseki Port.
    Doesn't show prices for all the ferries, but 関釜フェリー has their cheapest room as 9000 yen (one way).

    I also checked the website below which is a ticket booking site for ferries.

    Direct Ferries

    In my search for Shimonoseki - Busan, it was like 171.13 USD for a round trip. So bit cheaper to book directly.

    Lastly, I checked tripadvisor for flight tickets.
    Since I believe this is for the cheapest option and not about the destination, I changed the location to international airports (Fukuoka - Seoul) which will likely have more flights, hence likely be cheaper.

    Cheap flights to Seoul (SEL) - TripAdvisor

    At the time I searched the cheapest for Fukuoka - Seoul was 11403 yen for a round trip, so seems in a given situation, the chances are that flights could be cheaper.
    JFYI, ferry takes like 8hrs, flight takes like 1hr 25mins.
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  3. HanSolo

    HanSolo 後輩

    Using skyscanner and hitting "anywhere" as the destination and choosing the cheapest place & day is the cheapest way.

    That said keep in mind Japan is not friendly to visa running. You're limited to 6 months / year in the country.

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