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    Welcome to the Japan Forum, and thank you for joining our community!

    This is the fourth of a multiple-page help series to guide you on how to use the Japan Forum. This page will give you an overview over how to discover content (threads, posts, resources, and media) by adding them to your personal bookmarks or to your list of watched threads.


    Bookmarks allow you to conveniently display links to content you find informative or otherwise interesting, be it in a thread, a profile post, a review, a resource, or a media. They save you the hassle of rummaging through multiple threads or multiple pages in order to locate that single post you wanted to have another look at.

    You can access your bookmarks by clicking the avatar on the right side of the top menu.


    Click the avatar top open your account page:


    By clicking the "Bookmark" link in the menu on the left all your bookmarks, private and public, will display.

    You can also access your bookmarks via the account overlay that opens whenever you click a username in the forum or in other site sections:


    Or through your profile page:


    So how to add content to your bookmarks?

    At the bottom of each post (resource, review, media, user profile page) you will find a "Bookmark" link:


    Once you click the Bookmark link, the following pop-up will appear:

    • Note to self: a personal note on why you added this link to your bookmarks
    • Tags: help you to organise your bookmarks topically; tags will show up for selection in a drop-down menu on your account page
    • Public bookmarks: if you select "yes", your bookmarks will be publicly displayed on your profile page
    • Sticky bookmarks: will always stay on top of your bookmark collection
    • Quick links: selecting "yes" will add the link to your Bookmark navigation tab (see below). This option requires that a note ("Note to self") be entered

    You can edit or delete your bookmarked links on your account page:


    Watched threads

    Another way to find interesting threads (and fora) easily is to "watch" them. You can watch a thread by clicking the "Watch Thread" link on top of each thread.


    When clicking the link, the following pop-up will be displayed:

    You can watch your threads and receive email notifications whenever posts are added to the thread or choose not to receive email notifications.

    You can access your watched threads or fora by clicking the submenu on top of each forum page. If there are no new links in your watched threads you can see your watched threads by following the "Show all watched threads" link.

    If you have any further questions, please post them in this thread.
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  2. thomas

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    The maximum number of saved bookmarks depends on your usergroup:
    • Donors: 100
    • Sempai: 75
    • Kouhai: 50
    • New members: 25
  3. thomas

    thomas Unswerving cyclist

    Last but not least: it also works in mobile view.

  4. Lomaster

    What can i say - it works like a charm! Setting a bookmark with "quick link" option checked is a perfect way to access some old but useful thread, article or media あっと言う間に。
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