Could somebody help with these phrase?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Lamy, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Hello, could somebody help with these phrase? A friend of mine and myself tried to translate it but it barely makes sense. It’s a part from a book and since the linguistic usage is completely different then in the normal text, we assume it could be a quote of some old literature (just like Shakespeare or Goethe) or a magical spell. I would be glad if somebody could have any idea or tell us if we translated something wrong?

    聖なるかな(Furigana: ハインリヒ) そして愚かなるかない御身は幾度もそうして星ひとつ分の命と

    "(Heinrich), Holy One, And thus will you become a fool? Your body is countless times, and thus a star, one allotment of life. And before your eyes the life of one person will be weighed upon the scales. I am the same and your comprehension cannot possibly reach."
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    There must be a typo in 愚かなるかない since it doesn't make sense.
    It's not a quote from something. It's just a classical-like Japanese used to make it sound poetic.

    I'm afraid I have to point out that your translation is totally wrong.
    かな is not a sentence final particle for question. It's a particle to express the speaker's admiration.
    御身は幾度もそうして星ひとつ分の命と目前の一人の命とを秤にかける is a single sentence. The two objects of 秤にかける are 星ひとつ分の命 and 目前の一人の命. In addition, you need to interpret what 星ひとつ分の命 refers to (i.e., whose life the speaker is talking about) from the context.
    如き is a suffix to show despising (e.g. お前如きには負けない). It's used as a humble expression there.
    理解 is not "your comprehension". 理解が及ばない is a set phrase, and you need to interpret what the unmentioned topic of the sentence is from the context also here.
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  3. Lamy

    Lamy Kouhai

    Wow! That helps a lot! Thank you soooo much! <3

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