Wanted Earn money as a guide in Japan

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Pchen, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Earn Extra money as a Guide in Japan with TripleLights!

    The tourist guide law will be change on January 4, 2018.
    We are now looking for students, work holiday and residents to greet travelers from all around the world!

    Join us and share your secret spots in Japan to all!
    Sign up here: Get Started | Guide With TripleLights

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  2. KyushuWoozy

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    Hi Chen-san, welcome to the forum.

    By strange coincidence I too will be soon looking for guides (in Kyushu) and I too attended a meeting related to the January 4, 2018 regulation change.

    Which city do you need guides? Sorry, I didn't check the Bit.ly link because I'm always suspicious of links that lead to unknown places.

    Will your clients primarily be from China may I ask?
  3. thomas

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    Now that they've spammed their link I doubt they'll be here to answer questions. @KyushuWoozy , I replaced the shortened link with the actual URL.
  4. johnnyG

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    An agency like the OP”s competes here with volunteers and retirees.

    One hassle I’ve heard about with guiding is food “requests.” Apparently it’s hard to get even a small group’s tastes fit into a single restaurant.
  5. KyushuWoozy

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    Haha .. yes, I'm far too naive.

    Thanks, and you're right. What they posted and what's on that site don't quite match.

    Yes, guiding is often a horrible experience (but not always). It depends to some degree on the guide, the group, the group leader (if there is one), the nationalities involved, and the work done in preparation - especially managing expectations.
  6. Pchen

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    Hi, sorry I'm really new in this forum. It is not a spam. I am just help to find job posting forum in Japan to spread this information. Sorry for any misunderstanding may cause here. So the Bit.ly link you saw is because I'm also need to track which website brings more applicants. The link is actually link to our sign up page: Get Started | Guide With TripleLights

    We are looking for part-time guides everywhere in Japan. Our customers comes over 100 countries so this is also why we always look for more guides cover 47 prefectures and also who speak not just English but also with their native languages. If you need further information, please feel free to ask me. Thank you.

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