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Discussion in 'Translations' started by gersane, Oct 22, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm going to write this on Japanese to keep with the practice so you can help me too.


    私は1年間日本語を勉強しています。 ほとんど私は自分で学んだ。 私はページを翻訳するのを手伝ってください。

    私を楽しませてはいけません。 私は星占いが大好きで、私はたくさんのことを学んだ。


  2. Majestic

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    1. Try to keep です/ます consistent. If you start by saying 「勉強しています」then your following sentences should also use ます, i.e. 「自分で学びました」.
    Actually, there is an even handier word 「独学」that would fit nicely in this sentence.
    2. In English, our sentences feel slightly naked without the subject
    - I did this
    - I thought this
    - I need this
    but in Japanese after you have said the subject once, its usually not necessary to continue repeating it since it can be implied from the context. Starting every sentence with 私は or some other 私-centric phrase is unusual in Japanese. (And, in your third sentence, the subject changes from "I" to "you", so your 私は here is incorrect.)
    3. 私を楽しませてはいけません。I think I know what you are trying to say (my guess: "don't make fun of me"?), but what you have actually said is, "One shouldn't force (me) to enjoy myself".
    4. You talk about translating the last page, but the link you put in your post shows a fairly long page of reasonably high level (say, high-school level) Japanese. Feel free to post your translation, and we can take a look, but self-study tends to lead to the formation of some persistent bad habits, so be aware of that. Personally, I find it easier to comment on small bits of text, as usually there are some questions and clarifications that go with learning the language, and if there is too much text to review it makes it rough-going for both you and us. I find it easiest to comment on posts that are the about the size of your original post.
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    If you want to correct your Japanese sentences, there is no problem to post it, but if your aim is to get support to translate the page you linked, and want to do it via Japanese, 日本語で勉強 section is the place. Which is your main purpose?

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